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Dotonbori Tours

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Dotonbori Tours

Want a Dotonbori shopping tours during your Osaka tour? A canal located in the heart of Osaka City, Dotonbori is famous for its vibrant neighboring theaters, commercial and entertainment districts. With a total length of about 2.9 kilometers, Dotonbori connects Kizugawa to Toyokori. Because of its popularity, Dotonbori is even used as the name of a town in Osaka. As a major commercial area in Osaka filled with shopping streets and numerous restaurants, it is known for the giant neon advertising boards along the canal, which are first established in 1935 and then continuously replaced in 1955, 1963, 1972, 1996, 1998, and 2014. Today these advertising boards became a famous symbol of Osaka. The large 30-foot crab model outside the door of the main store of "Kani Douraku" serves as another landmark of Dotonbori. The huge shop signs and vibrant neon board make it a perfect place for night adventures.

Dotonbori hosts 3 COSPLAY events, in May, October, and December, known as the "Dotonbori COSPLAY Festival" every year. The Dotonbori COSPLAY Festival is held on the Tombori Spring Sacrifice in May and the River Festival in October. During Tombori Spring Sacrifice and River Festival, visitors can join various activities, including art and craft markets, live paintings, stage performances, bars, and food stands. The stage performances and foods are intended to keep every visitor excited for the event.

Located in the central area of Dotonbori, the well-known Osaka puppet clown Kuidaore Taro ("Jack Eat-yourself-broke") can be found at the Nakaza Kuidaore ("Eat-'till-you-drop") Building. Kuidaore Taro wears round glasses and colorful clothes, playing drums to advertise in front of the restaurant and lighting the lively food culture of Dotonbori.

TicketsToday DOTONBORI, located on the ground floor of the Nakaza Kuidaore ("Eat-'till-you-drop") Building, is a huge underground entertainment center. To provide an relaxing experience to tourists to explore the Japanese culture and art, the shop carefully arrange 50 musicals, dramas, dances and other performances featuring "traditional art" and "animation" everyday.  Both same day tickets and pre-sale tickets are available to be purchased in multiple languages such as English, thus ensuring an easy process for foreigners.

Flowing through the center of the Minami area and recognized as the iconic landmark of Osaka, the Dotombori River is under construction project called the Tombori Riverwalk. The project aimed at reviving the "Aqua Metropolis Osaka" by connecting Ebisubashi to Nippombashi and to Minatomachi (total length 600m). Just like the Dotombori branch stores of Don Quijote, as many as 30 shops have been established by the canal. There is also a pier, where tourist can take the Dotombori River Cruise. "Tombori Riverwalk" holds about 20 events every year. Since the Aqua Metropolis Osaka festivals, the charm of waterfront in Osaka has gained significantly, and it is projected there will be more and more entertainment events and outdoor cafes.

When you visit Osaka, you must try the Takoyaki, the representative of Osaka food culture "konamon". Takoyaki is the octopus-filled snack sold on Osaka street corners. To understand the origin of this flour product, you can try making a handmade wax sample of Takoyaki. On the first floor, you can witness the process of grilling Takoyaki by an expert. You can also taste the freshly made takoyaki at Takoya Dotombori Kukuru, which serves one of the best takoyaki. Moverover, you can learn about historical information on flour products and sauces in addition to takoyaki at the Konamon Historical Museum on the second floor.

Address: 1 Chome-9 Dotonbori, Chuo Ward, Osaka, 542-0071
Hours: Whole day (specific hours vary from day to day)
Admission: Free


Dotonbori Shopping Tour

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to get to Dotonbori by public transportation?
    Take the Osaka Metro to Namba Station or to Shisaibashi Station, which is 5 or 10 minutes walk from Dotonbori respectively.
  • Is the famous Kuidaore Taro found in Dotonbori?
    Yes, the famous Kuidaore Taro can be found at the Nakaza Kuidaore ("Eat-'till-you-drop") Building.
  • Is Dotonbori COSPLAY Festival hosted every year?
    Yes, the Dotonbori COSPLAY Festival is hosted 3 times a year, on May, October, and December, at Dotonbori.
  • What are the activities found in the "Tombori Spring Sacrifice"?
    The Tombori Spring Sacrifice in May offers COSPLAY, stage performance, art, foods, and many other entertainments.
  • Is credit card accepted at TicketsToday DOTONBORI?
    Yes, the store accepts many international card payments and Union Pay and supports multiple languages. Foreigners do not have to worry about language barrier.
  • What is the fee for Dotombori River Cruise?
    Adult (junior high school student and above) 1,000 yen
    Children (elementary school students and above) 400 yen
    * One adult can take in one preschooler without admission fee. If more than one child, the addition children will need to purchase a child ticket)
  • Is Konamon Historical Museum free to visit?
    Yes, but if you want to experience making food model at third floor, it will be 1600 yen. And if you want to try the Takoyaki, you will need to pay separately.
  • How far is Dotonbori from Shisaibashi?
    Not far. The South of Shisaibashi-suji connects with Dotonbori. At the junction, you will see "Kani Douraku" in Dotonbori.
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