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Tokyo Narita Airport Trains

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Tokyo Narita Airport Trains

If you're coming to Narita Airport, you will probably want to get into your hotel as quickly as possible. One of the fastest ways for getting into the city is by trains which can get you to the center of Tokyo in as minimum as 50 minutes. Most of the trains at Narita Airport take you directly from the terminals to downtown, and you do not have to worry about heavy traffic. it has plenty of space for your luggage, and most of them have comfortable seats and Wi-Fi on board. There are train stations in 3 Terminals in their respective basements. On this page, we will provide useful tips about the quickest transport option one can take to reach downtown of Tokyo from Narita Airport.

Regular Train from Narita Airport-The Keisei Limited Express
The cheapest regular train is the Keisei Main Line Limited Express which is operated by Keisei Electric Railway Company. The fare to Asakusa station is only 1100 yen, and is a reasonable and affordable way from Narita Airport to Tokyo. This electric railway takes around 100 minutes to get to the downtown, and connects with the Toei Asakusa Subway Line and the JR Yamanote Line. If you don't mind taking the luggage around on foot, and planning to stay in Asakusa or Ueno, this is probably the best option. All seats are free to sit, fortunately, Narita Airport is the starting station where you can get a seat easily.

Express Trains from Narita Airport
There are three kinds of express trains from Narita Airport to Tokyo, the fastest train-JR Narita Express, the Sky Access Express and the Keisei Skyliner. In addition to JR Narita Express, the other two are also operated by Keisei company.

1/The Sky Access Express
Foreign travelers often confuse between the Sky Access Express and the Keisei Skyliner. The Sky Access Express is cheaper and slower than the Keisei Skyliner, but it offers better access to downtown of Tokyo than the Keisei Skyliner. Such as, it can reach the Subway Line where You can conveniently transfer to the main tourist attractions of Tokyo. Compared with the regular train or the Skyliner, a slightly higher fare is worth it.

2/The Keisei Skyliner
The Keisei Skyliner is the fastest train service which runs from Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 to Tokyo with trains departing every 30 to 60-minutes. It is a high-speed train that connects to the city at 160 kilometers speed per hour, and is the best option for the time-conscious traveler. Opened in 2010, the skyliner can take you to Nippori Station in just 36 minutes, and costs only USD24 for one-way ticket. Please note that the Skyliner is not covered by any JR Pass. You can purchase a ticket online, a ticket machine or ticket office at Narita Airport.

3/The JR Narita Express
The JR Narita Express is often abbreviated to NEX which serve the Narita Airport and Tokyo area. NEX trains start from the Station of Terminal 1 and stop at Terminal 2 and 3 Stations on their way out. A one-way ticket to Tokyo Station costs around USD28 with trains departing every 60 to 80 minutes. The first train from Narita airport begin at about 7:45 am, so finish about 9:45 pm. Fast and stable, the NEX can be Comparable to Shinkansen bullet trains, and facilities and amenities include flat-screen monitors, large washrooms, luggage storage areas. You can use your JR Rail Pass on the JR Narita Express, the JR East company also offers a Tokyo Round Trip Ticket with over 30 percent off the regular price. The NEX is one of the most comfortable ways of getting to Tokyo from Narita Airport, as you don’t have to fight for a seat, and no need to change trains. Tickets can be purchased at a JR ticket window or a ticket machine, you can also book it on JR East office website before you go.

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