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Best Time to Visit Mt. Fuji

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Best Time to Visit Mt. Fuji

When Japan is mentioned, one must think of the famous Mount Fuji. Mt. Fuji is deemed as the holy mountain in the country. When is the best time to visit Mt. Fuji? It offers different views throughout the year, and it is especially pretty in the spring when cherry blossom turns the whole mountain pink. If you love cherry blossom, you do not want to miss a Mt. Fuji tour during the season. However, because temperature greatly impacts the blooming time of the flower, travelers must do some research before going or they might risk visiting the mountain while it is still covered in snow.

Best Season to Visit Mt. Fuji

Cannot make it to visit Mt. Fuji in the spring? No worries! The maple leaves in the fall also provide an unfailing view. From September to November, you will find the trails covered with red maple leaves. After November, Mt Fuji provides one of the most impressive snow scenes around the world. Although it is pretty in different ways during the year, the best time to visit Mount Fuji is spring (April) and fall (October).


Best Time to Climb Mt.Fuji

When is the best season to climb and hike Mt. Fuji? The highest mountain in the region, Mt. Fuji not only serves as the icon of the country but is also deemed as a holy place by the Japanese. Because of the high altitude, the temperature the upper part of the mountain is usually very low, given the average temperature in summer is only about 6 Celsius (or 43 F).

Evaluating the safety index, snow storms, snowing melting, and other environmental conditions, the government would advise the best time to climb the mountain. Thus, travelers can only climb the mountain at a limited window of time. Recently, the government has listed the open time from July to September for the different trails. During the period, visitors can take any of the major routes to the mountain.Visitor centers, local hospitals, and cabins will be available to serve travelers.

Tokyo to Mount Fuji Tours

As a reliable Japan Travel Agency, we provide budget Japan group tours and private car service for international travelers from Tokyo to Mount Fuji. Whether you are looking for a short Mount Fuji day tour or a private Chauffeur, you can easily find the most suitable one at an affordable price. Contact our representatives to book our  Mt. Fuji private car service today.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is the best time to climb Mount Fuji?
    July and August are the best time to climb all the way up Mount Fuji. During other months, Mount Fuji is usually shut down due to safety precautions which may vary by month. But this time, you can see Mount Fuji at the foot and you may also climb Mount Fuji by the Fuji Subaru Line 5th Station.
  • When during the year is the Fujiyama cherry blossom season?
    April is a good time to see Mount Fuji. The cherry blossoms at the foot of the mountain usually start blooming around this time and the mountain snow top has not melted yet. The cherry blossoms near Lake Kawaguchi of Mount Fuji usually bloom in the middle of April.
  • Does the cherry blossom bloom later than Tokyo?
    Yes, Fuji Kawaguchiko cherry blossoms bloom about half a month later than Tokyo, usually from mid-April to mid-May. According to the weather from the past two years, it may be earlier.
  • When is the best time to visit Mount Fuji to see the red leaves?
    October and November are the red leaf season of Mount Fuji. On the north bank of Lake Kawaguchi, the road is covered with a red coat of red leaves, forming the "Red Leaf Tunnel", which is quite popular and well-known. The "Maple Corridor" is a walkway of over 60 maple trees with autumn colored leaves, which can also be enjoyed after dark as it is illuminated, as Mount Fuji is illuminated by the moonlight.
  • What if I visit Mount Fuji in the winter?
    There is usually a Kawaguchiko Fireworks Festival that takes place in January and February each year. It is also a good choice to go to a nearby public hot spring or stay at a hot spring hotel to get the experience.
  • Can I climb Mount Fuji in March?
    The summit is from July to October, as there are four hiking trails and the opening hours vary. For details, please refer to this website:
  • When is the best time to join a Mt. Fuji tour?
    If you want to avoid the crowd's, select July or September and October. Please avoid weekend and the 'Obon' period (the week of August 13) as it is a vacation for most companies in Japan.
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