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Lake Mashu Tours

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Lake Mashu Tours

Looing for a tour to Lake Mashu? Located in Akan Mashu National Park is Lake Mashu, a caldera lake that is known to be the clearest lake in the world. According to Japan, it is considered to be the most beautiful lake. The caldera was formed around 7,000 years ago by a powerful volcano eruption. The small island in the middle is a 240-meter volcano. The lake is surrounded by a crater wall measuring 300 to 400 meters tall, with an average of 45 degrees.

What to See in lake Mashu
The lake Mashu is one of the deepest lakes measuring at 212 meters deep and is appreciated for its clear blue water. The water contains no contaminants with a unique blue colored water, which is also known as "Mashu Blue".  It is said that the water level never changes even when there is no water flowing in or out. The lake is famous for the thick fog that often blankets over the lake, but can reveal itself suddenly. Fog often rises particularly in June or July, and it is said that is you encounter fog there, you are unlucky as locals the god of the lake rules our life.


Private Car/limousine Service tolake Mashu

lake Mashu Located around the rim of the caldera to enjoy the views of the lake, there are two observation decks, since no visitors are allowed to go down to the lake. There used to be three observation decks, but Observation Deck 2 was closed to the public. Observation Deck 1 is the most popular, where you can also try the local delicacy with a variety of snacks offered and can purchase souvenirs. Observation Deck 3 lies along the western rim of the caldera and consists of two decks with unobstructed views onto the lake and Mount Mashudake.

The best way to visit the lake is by car, but some busses operate between Mashu Station and the lake during certain periods, as buses don't operate outside of those certain periods.

Opening Hours: whole day
Entrance Ticket: free
Address: Kussharoko, Teshikaga, Kawakami, Hokkaido
Duration: 1-2 hours


Lake Mashu Tours

As a reliable Japan tour operator, we provide private transfers and tours to Lake Mashu for travelers. Whether you are looking for a short Lake Mashu tour or a private chauffeur, you can easily find the most suitable one at an affordable price. Contact our representatives to book our Japan small group tours and Japan Private Chauffeurs.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the significance of Lake Mashu? Is it worth visiting?
    Lake Mashu gain worldwide fame for its transparency. In 2001, it is recognized as the heritage of Hokkaido. A crater lake surrounded by volcanoes, Lake Mashu appears to be a deep blue mirror with a sense of mystery. However, it is often permeated with fog, thus it is hard to see its beauty clearly. As described by the Ainu, the sacred lake is revealing its solemnity.
  • How to get to Lake Mashu with public transportation?
    Take the JR and get off at Mashu Station, where you can take the Akan bus toward the 1st observatory deck at Lake Mashu. The bus ride takes about 25 minutes, and get off at the bus terminal.
  • What are the operating hours of Akan sightseeing bus? How to purchase a ticket?
    Summer: 4/26/19-11/10/19 (bus operates daily)
    Winter: 1/10/2020-3/22/20
    Bus tickets can be reserved at the bus terminal (cannot reserve the ticket for the same day) and the official website:
  • What attractions will the Akan sightseeing bus cover?
    The bus will cover Mashu Lake, Lake Kussharo, and Lake Akan. The bus will stop at Kushiro Marsh Observatory, Lake Mashu first observatory, Mount Iwo, Lake Kussharo (Sunayu), and Lake Akan Osan for vistors to explore the attractions.
  • What are the opening hours of Lake Mashu? How to get a ticket?
    Lake Mashu is located in the Akan - Mashu National Park. You can also visit the Lake Akan, Mount Iwo, Lake Akan Eco Museum Center, Lake Kussharo, and Ainu cultural village.
  • What are places to see near Lake Mashu?
    Lake Mashu is located in the Akan - Mashu National Park. You can also visit the Lake Akan, Mount Iwo, Lake Akan Eco Museum Center, Lake Kussharo, and Ainu cultural village.
  • Do you provide any half-day or full day trip to Lake Mashu?
    We do provide half-day or full day trip. However, due to the high demand on tour guides during high season, the price is expensive. Instead, we recommend booking a private transfer service, and we can arrange a driver speaking simple English.
  • What are some recommended hotels near Lake Mashu?
    There are many hotels with different level of rating. For hotels with quality and reasonable prices, you can consider:
    The Lake View Toya Nonokaze Resort
    Dai-ichi Takimotokan
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