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Tokyo Narita Airport Limousine Buses

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Tokyo Narita Airport Limousine Buses

Are you looking for the information on limousine buses at Narita Airport? Narita International Airport is located in Narita City in Chiba Prefecture, and around 70 kilometers away from downtown Tokyo. It is the largest international airport and the most important connecting airport for many long-haul flights in Japan. Many tourists arrive to Japan via Narita International Airport, First-timers to Tokyo may be surprised that Narita Airport is quite a distance from the downtown Tokyo. For newcomers to Tokyo, a likely early question is what's the cheapest way to get from Narita Airport into downtown Tokyo?

Actually, there is no "one size fits all" answer as to which option or way is cheapest and easiest for getting from Narita airport to your final destination. Travelling in Tokyo can hardly be considered cheap, compared to other lower-cost cities in Asia. Other than the option of taxis or private chauffeurs at Narita Airport, there are some cheaper ways that cost less, which take you to downtown Tokyo from Narita Airport. On this page we provide the useful tips you need to know about how to get to Tokyo from Narita Airport, including the cheapest and easiest transport options.

Narita Airport Limousine Bus

First of all, the Airport Limousine Bus is not the cheapest option, but it is convenience of not having to carry your luggage around. Airport Limousine Bus is good option if you prefer a comfortable journey, as each of buses has free WiFi and a toilet. Airport Limousine Bus operate from all three terminals to certain points in downtown, such as those participating hotels, around 100 destinations are served. There are numerous routes with departures from each of terminals every 20 minutes, and reaching downtown within 80 to 120 minutes under normal traffic conditions. You can book the tickets easily online, by phone, through a ticket machine at Narita Airport or through a participating hotel in advance-a minimum of 2-day prior to your planned date. A one-way ticket costs between 2800 yen to 3200 yen depending on your destination.

2/Tokyo Shuttle Bus:No matter which terminal you arrive, there is a stop of Tokyo Shuttle Bus at each of 3 terminals. You can choose to get off the bus at either the Yaesu exit of Tokyo station or Ginza station with same price. It takes about 80-min to the city. If you miss one of departure times, you can just wait for the next bus to come at every 20 minutes. Please check timetable in advance as the departure times will be a bit different. The Tokyo Shuttle and Access Narita buses have been merged with the Airport Bus as of 2020, and the fare is the same as before.

3/The Access Narita Bus: Besides the Tokyo Shuttle Bus, you can also another low-cost bus option-The Access Narita Bus. It will drop you off at either Tokyo Station or Ginza Station so you can transfer to the subway or JR handily. Unlike other bus company, the reservation system is only available in Japanese and online reservation is only possible for buses departing from Downtown. Same as Tokyo Shuttle Bus, there is a stop at each of terminals. You can choose to get off the bus at either the Tokyo station or the Ginza station. Just look for the blue Access Narita signboard when you arrive Narita Airport. By the way, the difference from Tokyo Shuttle Bus is, the Access Narita buses have toilets.

As a reliable limo company at Narita Airport, we provide prvate chauffeur and limousine service at Narita Airport. Whether you are looking for a Limousine bus or a private transfer sevice, you can easily find the most suitable one at an affordable price. Contact our representatives to book our Narita Airport Limousine and Tokyo chauffeur service today.

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