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Travel Tips for Visiting Mount Fuji

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Travel Tips for Visiting Mount Fuji

To get the most from Mount Fuji, a must to see attraction in Japan. Japan Holiday offers you this advice and our service to plan a perfect Mount Fuji trip.

The Best Times to Visit
Mount Fuji in Japan offers different views throughout the year, and it is especially pretty in the spring when cherry blossom turns the whole mountain to pink. If you love cherry blossom, you don't want to miss a visit to Mt. Fuji during the season. However, because temperature greatly impacts the blooming time of the flower, travelers must do some research before going or they might risk visiting the mountain while it is still covered in snow... See Details..

How to Get to Mount Fuji

Public transportation from downtown Tokyo to Mount Fuji is very convenient, especially for foreign visitors who are traveling on their own. From Tokyo to Mount Fuji, there are multiple transportation options. Here we introduce Kawaguchi Lake, the best location to see Mount Fuji. There are two ways to get to Kawaguchiko by public transportation from Tokyo, one is the railway (JR) and the second is by bus... See Details..

Private Transfer Service

Mount Fuji is undoubtedly a must-see when visiting Japan. Whether you are visiting Mount Fuji from Tokyo, Yokohama Port, or Narita Airport, private transfer from a pickup point to a drop-off point is the most convenient transportation choice. You do not have to worry about wasting a lot of time transferring or getting lost on the road. Our professional drivers will help you solve that problem... See Details..

Things to Do Around

Visiting Mount Fuji is an amazing experience for anyone, but in the area around Mount Fuji, there is so much more to offer. Lake Kawaguchiko provides a boat ride  that sail there every day.  Many festivals take place year-round to enjoy in lovely parks and fields. Below are the top things to do around Mount Fuji... See Details..

Useful Tips for Hiking and Climbing

More than 200,000 people climb to the summit of the mountain every year, as it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the scenery from the top of the volcanic mountain. Not only is it popular among visitors to climb the mountain, but also for the Japanese. Climbing Mount Fuji is doable whether you are a regular hiker or not... See Details..

Onsens Around Mount Fuji

Many foreign tourists that visit Japan want to experience the unique Japanese onsen hotel. There is a wide range of hot springs in Japan, and there are hundreds of Japanese-style hot spring hotels around Mount Fuji. You can also enjoy the view of Mount Fuji from the hotels in Hakone and Lake Kawaguchi. Hot spring hotels are popular all year round, especially during the cherry blossom season, on the weekends and holidays... See Details..

Mount Fuji Tour Packages

Mount Fuji is the symbol of Japan. Almost every tourist who visits Japan is going to visit Mount Fuji. We have prepared different options for you to choose from to visit Mount Fuji, including Join in Group Tours, Mount Fuji Day Tour from Tokyo, Yokohama Port to Mount Fuji Tour, Mount Fuji Half Day Tour, Mount Fuji 2 Day Tour... See Details..


Private Tours/Private Chauffeurs

As a reliable Tokyo Travel Agency, we provide guided tours and private Chauffeurs for travelers from overseas. Whether you are looking for Mount Fuji tours or a private Chauffeur, you can easily find the most suitable one at an affordable price. Contact our representatives to book our Mount Fuji private tours and Tokyo private chauffeur today.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you provide some travel tips for Mount Fuji?
    Travel tips you need can be found on the Fuji Mounting climbing page on our website. If you want more details, you can also contact our customer service representatives.
  • Where can I find the most informative travel tips for Mount Fuji?
    I suggest visiting the Mount Fuji forums on Trip Advisor, where there are many posts with travel tips to Mount Fuji. There are authentic travel tips from visitors who have visited Mount Fuji on the forum.
  • Can you give some travel tips from Yokohama Pier to Mount Fuji?
    If you want to go directly to Mount Fuji after the cruise from the Yokohama Pier, there is a direct bus from the Yokohama Pier to the Mount Fuji area, since your disembarkation time is around 8:00AM. If you have a lot of luggage, you can transfer with a private van with a driver so that it is more convenient whether you are returning to Yokohama or going to Tokyo.
  • How do I make traveling to Mount Fuji easier?
    The most comfortable and easiest way to travel to Mount Fuji is to hire a professional tour guide and rent a private car service, with door to door service. But note that the costs will be higher than public transportation.
  • Do I need to provide local guides tips in the Mount Fuji area?
    Japanese tour guides generally don't expect tips as it is not mandatory. But if you believe the service is good, tipping the tour guide is acceptable.
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