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Hiroshima Castle Tours

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Hiroshima Castle Tours

Want a tour to Hiroshima Castle? Hirishima Castle is located in the city center of Hiroshima. In 1589, Mori Terumoto, one of the five major generals under Toyotomi Hideyoshi, ordered to build the Hiroshima Castle, also known as the Carp Castle. During the Edo period, the main lord of Hiroshima Castle was changed to Fukushima clan and Asano clan. The castle tower (Tenshukaku) was listed as a National Treasure in 1931. After destroyed by the atomic bomb in 1958, the castle was reconstructed in 1989. Thought the exterior remain the same, the interior hall is now a museum focusing on the culture of Japanese samurai families. Hiroshima Castle was then recognized as the top 100 castles in Japan.


What to See in Hiroshima Castle

Hiroshima Castle provides photos and video tapes that briefly describe the history of Hiroshima, the construction of Hiroshima Castle, and the Meiji era. In addition to introducing Hiroshima culture, the castle also presents model exhibition of samurai and merchant houses. On third floor and fourth floor, visitors can even explore the sword exhibition room and special theme exhibition room. On observation deck at the fifth floor you can view the atomic bomb ruins as well as the city streets. When the weather is good, you can have a chance to see Miyajima. In addition, the window frame of the castle is delicately crafted with flowers.

The highlight of Hiroshima Castle lies in the experience on the first floor, where visitors can try on armor, helmets and clothing. You can take a picture dressed as a samurai and keep the experience as a memorial part of your trip. In addition to cultural exhibition on arts and crafts, Hiroshima Castle is also a famous cherry blossom viewing spot, attracting many cherry blossom viewing visitors every spring.

How to Get to Hiroshima Castle
Hiroshima Castle would be lighted up every evening. The best view is looking at the castle from across the moat. Surrounded by a huge moat, Hiroshima Castle is as if floating on the water, prompting visitors to wonder at the marvelous construction of the castle.

Address: 21-1 Moto-machi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City, 730-0011
Hours: 9: 00 ~ 18: 00 (March to November); 9: 00 ~ 17: 00 (December to February)
Closed during New Year's holidays, subject to unforeseen closures
Admission: 370 yen


Hiroshima Castle Tours

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Hiroshima Castle open all year round?
    Hiroshima Castle is open all year round in general. The castle tower will be closed from December 29th to December 31st, and is subject to temporary closures. Ninomar will be closed during the New Year holidays from December 29th to January 2nd.
  • What are the opening hours of Hiroshima Castle?
    Opening hours of the castle tower (Tenshukaku): 9:00~18:00 (March to November); 9:00~17:00 (December to February). Opening hours of Ninomar: 9:00~17:30 (April to September); 9:00~16:30 (October to March)
  • How to get to Hiroshima Castle by public transportation?
    From Hiroshima Station, take tram (lines 1/2/6) to Kamiyacho-nishi or Kamiyacho-higashi stop, and walk for about 10 minutes.
  • Is there any admission fee for Hiroshima Castle?
    No ticket is required to visit Ninomar, but if you enter the castle tower (Tenshukaku), admission is 370 yen for adults; 180 yen for high school students; free for junior high school students or younger.
  • What other attractions to see near Hiroshima Castle?
    Shukkeien is about a 10-minute walk; Hiroshima Peace Park is about a 15-minute walk; Hiroshima Orizuru Tower and Hondori Shopping District are less than 20 minutes walk from Hiroshima Castle.
  • Why is Hiroshima Castle also called Carp Castle?
    Some people explain Hiroshima Castle is also called the Carp Castle because it looks like a black carp. Others believe it is because there are many black carp in the moat.
  • What restaurants are recommended near Hiroshima Castle?
    The nearby restaurants are Mitchan Sohonten Miyabi, Mitchan Sohonten Miyabi, Takara, Ekohiiki, Yakitori no meimon Akiyoshi, where you can try Japanese cuisine such as Osaka Yakitori and Skewers.
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