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Travel Insurance

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Travel Insurance

1/ About Group Tours
Our Japan small group tours does not include travel insurance. If you would like travel insurance, you may purchase one in advance in your home country or in Japan. To protect your interest from unpredictable and uncountable variables such as flight delay, flight cancellation, typhoon, earthquakes, and other natural disasters, we recommend purchasing travel insurance at your home country in advance. This is your sole responsibility to decide whether to purchase travel insurance for your Japan tour.

2/ About Car Rental with Driver
Our Japan chauffeur and Limousine service are under auto insurance by Japan law, and the 30 vehicles in service are all legally insured. However, our vehicles only have basic auto insurance and provide limited coverage. If you need better coverage, we recommend getting additional travel insurance, which also cover loss by flight delay or cancellation.

3/ About Kimono Rental
Our kimono rental is not covered by any insurance. If you damage or lose the kimono during your rental, you are responsible for the full cost of the item. To protect yourself from any cost induced by damage or loss, you may consider purchasing insurance for the rental.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you help to purchase travel insurance in Japan?
    We generally do not help foreigners to purchase travel insurance. Instead, we recommend purchasing travel insurance at your home country before the vacation. This way, the trip as well as your flight would be protected by the insurance.
  • Does the transfer service include any insurance?
    All our transfer service is protected by insurance, which is required by Japan law. However, our insurance only provide basic protection, thus we recommend purchasing a more comprehensive insurance plan in advance at your home country.
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