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Koyasan Private Car Tour

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Koyasan Private Car Tour

Want a privaet car tour to Koyasan from Oskaa or Kyoto?Koyasan is an area on the mountain around 1,000 meters above sea level in Wakayama Prefecture. Koyasan is located in the Koya-Ryujin Quasi-National Park. With the eight mountain peaks and valleys, the area appears like a lotus flower, thus many regard it as an auspicious symbols. After more than 1200 years, Koyasan has developed into a prosperous and active Buddhist temple, and has become one of the religious holy places in Japan. As a reliable limo and tour company in Osaka, we not only providing private car tour to Koyasan, but also the limousine and chauffeur service to/from Koyasan from Osaka and Kyoto.

The fascinating environment around Koyasan has attracted countless royal family, monks, and visitors since ancient times. The 117 hand-made buildings scattered in the area are one of those remained from the 2,000 temples during the Edo period (1603-1868). Whether covered by thick maple leaves, covered with frost and snow in winter, or submerged by cherry blossoms and azaleas in spring, Koyasan is a good place for visitors to relieve stress.

Koyasan, Kumano Sanzan, Yoshino and Omine (Nara Prefecture), connects to ancient capitals of Kyoto and Nara. Based on their unique and significant value, the UNESCO has recognized it as a World Heritage Site. The sacred sites and ancient shrines in the Kii mountain area has emphasized the religion in Japanese culture.

As the main temple of the Koyasan Shingon, Kongobuji is one of the most important religious shrines in the Koyasan with more than 3,600 temples branches across the country. The temple is decorated with an elegant coat painting (fusuma, a kind of painting found on sliding door). There is also a Banryutei Rock Garden, the largest stone garden in Japan. The building is incorporated with fire protection design as well as a roof efficient on rain draining. If you are a fan of architecture, you will be in love with the clever design. Opening hours: 8:30 to 17:00

Daishi Kyokai (Master Church, Daishi Kyōkai) is the administrative center of Shingon Buddhism, and is responsible for spreading the teachings of Kobo Daishi, the sect's founder. The complex consists of two buildings: A Henjoden built in 1915 and a modern building for administration, lectures and training. Visitors can come here to worship or participate in activities, such as receiving Buddhist precepts (jukai) or copying Buddhist scriptures (shakyo). Opening hours: 8:30~17:30

Garan is the core of Koyasan and the first venue built to promote the Shingon sect. Konpon Daito Pagoda, which is 48.5 meters high, is painted in red, and known to be the first double-story pagoda building in square shape in Japanese history. As magnificent as it possibly be, Garan attracts countless of tourists. Opening hours: 8:30~17:00

The Tokugawa Mausoleum is dedicated to the Tokugawa dynasty, which had a profound influence on the country as centuries of civil unrest ended. This period was called the Edo period (1603-1868), and under the rule of the Tokugawa family.

Okunoin is considered to be the most sacred site of Mount Koya, with a 2 km long path leading to Kobo Daishi's Mausoleum, where Master Hongfa finally rested. Visitors can see more than 200,000 tombstones along the way. Walking through the trail lined with cedar trees on both sides, visitors can read through the Japanese history by looking at the towers dedicated to generals, writers, actors, poets, and even businesses like the confectioner Glico. Opening hours: 8:30~17:00

Koyasan Choishi Michi trail, found on the mountains of Wakayama, is where many hikers join to pursue the tranquility of the soul. To increase the intensity of this trip, people usually choose the Machishi Road, which has the same long history as Koyasan. Named after a 3-meter-high stone signposts (choishi), this ancient trail starts at Jison-in Temple and stretches to Okunoin with a total length of 24 kilometers.

Shojin ryori, a vegetarian monks' cuisine made entirely from vegetables and wild herbs. Though sounds plain and simple, the story is far complicated than that. Like a harmonious symphony, the skill of cooking highlights the essence of the vegetarian cuisine. There are special dishes, including koyadofu (freeze dried tofu), Sesame Tofu (Goma-dofu) and so on.


Koyasan Chauffeur and Car Service

As a reliable Japan tour operator, we provide chauffeur and car service to Koyasan from Osaka or Kyoto for travelers. Whether you are looking for a short tour or a private chauffeur, you can easily find the most suitable one at an affordable price. Contact our representatives to book our Japan small group tours and Japan Private Chauffeur.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is combined ticket the only option to visit Koyasan?
    No. Tickets are sold separately for each monastery. For example, the Kongobuji ticket is 500 yen. However, combined ticket is more favorable than single ticket for each attraction, and the combined ticket is valid for multiple days. After all, the entire monastery complex is relatively concentrated, and it is recommended that you visit together.
  • How long does it take to visit Koyasan?
    Due to the large range of buildings in Koyasan Temple and transportations need different time, visiting usually takes 3-7 hours. If you have enough time, you can also choose to stay overnight in Shukubo.
  • How to get to Koyasan by public transportation?
    From Osaka Namba Station, take the Nankai Electric Railway to Gokuraku-bashi, then transfer to the Mountain Cable Car to Koyasan Station, then take the Bus 21 # / 23 # / 33 # Koyasannai Line to Koyakeisatsu-mae Station, destination will be in walking distance.
  • Does Koyasan provide English audio guide?
    Yes. Audio guide can be rented from Koyasan Shukubo Association, 500 yen / set, available: 8:30 am-4:30 pm. For the convenience of tourists, Restore window is set at four locations on the mountain.
  • How to book ShukuboTemple Lodging?
    There are 52 monasteries in Koyasan that provide accommodation for visitors. You can make reservations through the official website of Koyasan Tourist Association.
  • How much does ShukuboTemple Lodging cost?
    The cost per person per night is about 9,000~15,000 yen. The accommodation fee includes breakfast and dinner. The meals are all vegetarian monks' cuisine (shojin ryori).
  • What are the specialties of Shojin ryori?
    In addition to basic Vegetarian Cooking, Shojin ryori also includes special koyadofu (freeze dried tofu), Sesame Tofu (Goma-dofu), and more.
  • Is bicycle available for rent at Koyasan?
    Yes. You can rent a bike from Shukubo Association's Central Information, 400 yen / vehicle / hour. But the number is limited, it is recommended to book in advance by phone.
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