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Narita Airport Transit Tours

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Narita Airport Transit Tours

What can I do on a Tokyo Narita Airport long or short layover? Narita airport is located 1.5 hours away from the downtown Tokyo, as the biggest international airport, that more travelers use it as a transit hub airport. If you are visiting Tokyo for the first time, and have a half day or more layover at Narita airport, we suggest you take a short transit tour of the highlights of Tokyo.It is only a 1.5-hour train ride from Narita airport to downtown Tokyo. Your private driver or English-speaking local guide will take you to the famous tourist attractions like the Imperial Palace, Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo Tower, etc. Time of transit tour is flexible, depending upon your flight time. If your layover is not enough to come to Tokyo, and you don't want to be rushed going all the way into downtown, we recommend to take a short transit tour around Narita Airport, there are lots of things to do in Narita, it is a great option for fun during your short layover at Narita Airport.

Things to do in Narita
Narita is a city in Chiba Prefecture, and has a rich history dating back to 1408. The city and surroundings have some sightseeing spots that can allows you to maximize your transit time in between flights. You can choose a few places below.

Naritasan Shinshoji temple
Naritasan Shinshoji Temple is a Buddhist temple located in Narita City which was known as Narita Fudo, and it is also known that sumo wrestlers scatter beans during the Setsubun festival. In addition, in front of the temple, you can visit 800 meters long street called Omotesando, which is a lively street lined by restaurants and stores, that have been selling traditional crafts and Japanese food to tourists for centuries.

Narita Wholesaler's Market
From exotic fruits to a variety of seafood, Narita Wholesaler's Market is located near Narita International Airport. The tuna auction starts around 05:30 am, and you can see the fish sellers clean up the fish.

Sawara Area
Sawara is charming village with historic buildings along a canal northeast of Narita City,
and is known as "Little Edo" for its preserved traditional residences and warehouses. Sawara can be accessed by car in about 30 minutes from Narita Airport.

Boso no Mura
Boso no Mura is located in Chiba Prefectural, and as a museum, it is intended to display traditional lifestyles and tools, preserve craftsmanship. The number of visitors from overseas have been growing every year.

You could enjoy your layover or transit time in Narita airport efficiently with our best tour service. We can create and customize the tour itinerary based on your interests. With a short time to spare, having a guide or driver to help you get around is sure to make for a more relaxing experience. Why not join a layover tour of Narita Airport, instead of being stuck in the airport? If you are looking for a professional Japan travel agency and to get the best price of Narita Airport layover tours or Narita Airport private chauffeurs, please contact our customer service staff.

How much dose a Narita layover tour cost?
The cost depends on transportation costs, salary of the local guide and entrance fees during the tour. I think rent a car with driver is the best way for the traveler with luggage.

When should I book this layover tour?
Our company accept reservations before 2 days of the date of the tour. We recommend you book the tour as soon as your travel plans are confirmed.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's the recommended tourist attractions near Narita Airport?
    We recommended Naritasan Shinshoji temple, Narita Wholesaler’s Market, Sawara village and Boso no Mura. Please contact our specialists, and they will created a suitable Narita Airport transit tour itinerary for your family.
  • Do you offer the last minutes booking of Narita Airport transit tours?
    Sorry. We do not accept the last minutes booking of Narita Airport transit tours, and require 24 hours in advance for bookings.
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