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Travel Agents

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Travel Agents

Are you a travel agent? Are you planning a business trip for cooperation, an education trip for school, or even a family tour for sightseeing? Contact us today because we offer custom-made private tours to Japan! With experience in the tourism industry for almost 10 years, Japan Holidays has designed many private tours for travel agencies from more than 50 countries around the world. Our private tours always strive to accommodate every aspect of clients'need, and have received countless positive feedback on our service. Additionally, we offer you affordable Japan group tours and Japan private chauffeur service. Our excellent service in the past will continue to better and guarantee to provide an experience you never regret in Japan.

How to Work with Us?
There are 2 ways that we can assist you and your customers. You may use either or both to maximize the benefits to you:
1/ We can serve as your supplier and arrange tour booking service for you. We will provide the tour itinerary with net prices, and you may sell the tour packages in you office. You may market the products and mark up the prices however you want to meet your profit goal.

2/ Don't want to meddle in any of the booking? No problem, simply wait for your referral commission at ease! You may market our product and refer clients to our office. We take referral through online clicks and email inquiry. Once we get the inquiry, we will take care of the rest from tour arrangement, to booking, and to payment. We are here to save you time and money!

Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • We are a travel agency based in Philippines. Can you operate any tour to Fukuoka for 12 people?
    Thank you for the inquiry, we can operate tours to Fukuoka. If you do not already have an itinerary, we can also help you to customize a tour. You only have to provide us the level of accommodation and the interested cities and attractions.
  • We are a travel agency from Poland. Do you have any Polish speaking tour guide?
    We currently do not have any contracted Polish speaking tour guide. In cases like this, you can arrange a Polish speaking group leader to explain the attractions and we can send an English speaking tour guide to assist the group leader. Also, we know a couple Polish students in Japan, and they can help with translation.
  • We are American travel agency. Can we contact your US office directly?
    Yes, our US representatives mostly handle the businesses in America. You can directly contact the US office, which offers the same services at the same price. In fact, you may find it more convenient to work with the US office in terms of communicating and making payments.
  • We are a travel agency from Czech. Can we sell your Join-In tours online?
    Yes, you can sell our products online, and we will give you commission according to our policy. However, please inform your client that the tour guides in the Join-In tours speak English and travelers are from different English speaking countries.
  • We are a high school from Thailand. Can you arrange a tour to Japan schools for cultural exchange?
    Yes, we can arrange. Visiting Tokyo and Osaka middle schools are very good options. In addition to the regular travel itinerary, we recommend other programs such as manga museum, ramen museum, simple food DIY that students are interested in.
  • We are a car rental company in Europe. Can we engage in long term partnership?
    We welcome professional car rental company for partnership. If you work with us for a long time and have a high volume of business, we can offer you a better discount. You can treat us as your supplier for rental services in Japan.
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