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Lake Kussharo Car Tour

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Lake Kussharo Car Tour

Want a charter car tour to Lake Kussharo? It is located on the East side of Hokkaido in the Akan-Mashu Naitonal Park.  57 Kms in circumference with a total area of 30.62 mile square, Lake Kussharo is the largest lake formed in a volcanic crater in Japan. The lake is well preserved without any pollution, and visitors can often see through the bottom of the shallow shore. Because of the high quality of the environment, many ducks inhabit in the area, making this attraction the best for wildlife lovers. In the center of the lake sits a round island, called the Nakajima Island. The best view of the lake can be captured at the Bihoro Pass, which is a mountain on the West side of the lake. Every year, many visitors would hike or bike to the Bihoro Pass for an elevated view over the lake. Our focus on providing car tours and chauffeur service to Lake Kussharo for international travelers, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


Van/Chauffeur Service to Lake Kussharo

As a reliable limo and tour company in Hokkaido, we provide you with private car tours and chauffeured limosine to Lake Kussharo. Whether you are looking for a short Lake Kussharo van tour or a private chauffeur, you can easily find the most suitable one at an affordable price. Contact our representatives to book our Hokkaido Private Chauffeurs.

Another place to enjoy the beauty of the Lake is at the Wakoto Peninsula located in the South. In addition to the magnificent panoramic view, the peninsula offers the Wakoto Peninsula Nature Exploration Road. The trail is very popular and recommended by many visitors as a nice and easy country trail suitable for family. The total distance of the trail is 2.4 Km and takes about an hour to complete. While on the trail, you may find different woodland birds, beetles, and plants particular to the Eastern region of Hokkaido.

The Wakotohantokohan Camping Ground is nearby the peninsula, and it is a favorite spot for many families in summer. Along the lake are a variety of hot springs baths: indoors and outdoors. Some of the hot spring bath such as the Ikenoyu Open Air Bath and the Wakoto Peninsula Indoor Bath are even open to the public for free. Sunayu Beach is another must-see attraction while in the region. Visitors are often surprised to find hot spring water beneath the sand, in contract to the cold water in the lake.

Opening Hours: Whole day
Entrance Ticket: Free
Address: Kussharoko, Teshikaga, Kawakami, Hokkaido
Duration: 1-2 hours

Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you provide any half-day or full day trip to Lake Kussharo?
    We do provide half-day or full day trip. However, due to the high demand on tour guides during high season, the price is expensive. Instead, we recommend booking a private transfer service, and we can arrange a driver speaking simple English.
  • What are some recommended hotels near Lake Kussharo?
    There are many hotels with different level of rating. For hotels with quality and reasonable prices, you can consider:
    La Vista Akangawa (About 4Km from Akan National Park)
    Hotel & Spa Resort La Vista Akangawa Kushiro (About 3Km from Akan National Park)
  • Can I take a bath at the Kotan Onsen Hot Spring near the Lake Kussharo-ko?
    Kotan Onsen offers free hot spring bath. Though a wild hot spring, Kotan Onsen is still cleaned by staffs every Tuesday and Friday from 1PM- 3PM. Other than the cleaning schedule, you may visit the onsen any time. We highly recommend visiting during sunset, which is guaranteed to offer an unforgettable experience. However, unlike most other onsens in Japan, Kotan Onsen does not permit naked bath. Thus please bring your swimming suit and towel during your visit. There is a changing room for your convenience.
  • What are places to see near Lake Kussharo?
    Lake Kussharo is located in the Akan-Mashu National Park. You can also visit the Lake Akan, Mount Iwo, Lake Akan Eco Museum Center, Lake Kussharo, and Ainu cultural village.
  • Where is Lake Kussharo located? Is it worth visiting?
    Lake Kussharo-ko is located in Akan National Park in Hokkaido. A little smaller than Lake Saroma, Lake Kussharo is the second largest lake in Hokkaido. A great place for camping, onsen bathing, fishing, speed boating, windsurfing and other water activities, Lake Kussharo is a top choice as vacation destination. The lake freezes every winter but it is partially melted by the heat. There are about 400-500 swans rest in the area, thus making a popular tourist spot. The temperature fluctuates greatly from day to night. Sometime you may encounter sea of clouds in summer. Yet, the best time to visit is winter, during which you can see rime ice as well as participate in various winter activities.
  • How to get to Lake Kussharo-ko with public transportation?
    You can take the Akan bus running between the Lake Akan and Kushiro Eki Mae. While on the bus, you can enjoy the view of Lake Akan, Mount Iwo, Lake Kussharo-ko, and other scenic landscape. Additionally, Kushiro Eki Mae is one of the stops of the JR Nemuro Main Line. Thus, once arrive at Kushiro Eki Mae, you can take the Senmo Main Line to the Kawayu-Onsen Station. If you have book a hot spring hotel by Lake Akan, shuttle service is usually available.
  • What are the operating hours of Akan sightseeing bus?
    Summer: 4/26/19 – 11/10/19(bus operates daily)
    Winter: 1/10/2020 – 3/22/20
    Bus tickets can be reserved at the bus terminal (cannot reserve the ticket for the same day) and the official website:
  • What attractions will the Akan sightseeing bus cover?
    The bus will cover Mashu Lake, Lake Kussharo, and Lake Akan. The bus will stop at Kushiro Marsh Observatory, Lake Mashu first observatory, Mount Iwo, Lake Kussharo (Sunayu), and Lake Akan Osan for vistors to explore the attractions.
  • What are the opening hours of Lake Kussharo-ko? How to get a ticket?
    Lake Mashu is open to public every day throughout the year No admission ticket needed.
  • Where can I see the swans in near the Lake Kussharo-ko?
    You may find swans near Lake Kussharo-ko, Kotan Onsen, and Sunayu. Among which, Sunaya has the most swans, and thus attract the most tourists.
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