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About Us

Thank you for visiting We are an online tour company for Japan travel and Chauffeur service, and has branchs in Osaka, Tokyo, and Kyoto. We have a sister company in USA. Our tour company have more than ten years of experience operating Japan Small Group Tours, Tokyo Tours and Japan Private Chauffeur Service for tens of thousands of travelers travel to Japan from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, Philippine, and beyond.

We have been building our team for over 10 years, handpicking our team of Japan specialists, local guides, and drivers throughout Japan. We focus on delivering outstanding services at the most rational price, ensuring that Japan Holiday will offer a carefree and remarkable Japan vacation. Our goal is to set up solid trust between our honored clients and enthusiastic staff. We are here to help provide valuable assistance in any way at any time arranging your memorable trip to Japan. For more information, please visit the following pages.

About Us FAQ

  • Can I go to your office to make payment in cash?
    Yes, you are welcome to our office and we take cash payment. However, we only accept US Dollars, Japanese Yens, Euro, Canadian Dollars, and Australian dollars. So, please exchange the currency in advance. Our address is 3-9-7, Shinkoiwa, Katsushika-Ku, Tokyo.
  • We are a travel agency based in Philippines. Can you operate any tour to Fukuoka for 12 people?
    Thank you for the inquiry, we can operate tours to Fukuoka. If you do not already have an itinerary, we can also help you to customize a tour. You only have to provide us the level of accommodation and the interested cities and attractions.
  • We are a travel agency from Poland. Do you have any Polish speaking tour guide?
    We currently do not have any contracted Polish speaking tour guide. In cases like this, you can arrange a Polish speaking group leader to explain the attractions and we can send an English speaking tour guide to assist the group leader. Also, we know a couple Polish students in Japan, and they can help with translation.
  • We are American travel agency. Can we contact your US office directly?
    Yes, our US representatives mostly handle the businesses in America. You can directly contact the US office, which offers the same services at the same price. In fact, you may find it more convenient to work with the US office in terms of communicating and making payments.
  • We are a travel agency from Czech. Can we sell your Join-In tours online?
    Yes, you can sell our products online, and we will give you commission according to our policy. However, please inform your client that the tour guides in the Join-In tours speak English and travelers are from different English speaking countries.
  • We are a high school from Thailand. Can you arrange a tour to Japan schools for cultural exchange?
    Yes, we can arrange. Visiting Tokyo and Osaka middle schools are very good options. In addition to the regular travel itinerary, we recommend other programs such as manga museum, ramen museum, simple food DIY that students are interested in.
  • I have sent an inquiry. Why did I not hear back from your office?
    It is very likely our reply email has been directed to your junk folder. Please check your spam folder because many email inboxes have strict screening. Some companies have their own servers, and emails are filtered even more rigorously. If you are still not able to receive any email from us, please give us a call and our representative will assist you immediately.
  • Can we make a deposit and pay the remaining balance when we arrive at Japan?
    No. Final payment must be received 45 days before your departure date. If you are booking within 45 days, full payment is required for tour booking.
  • If we are not satisfied with the service, who should I complain to?
    You can send any feedback to your agent, and our Complaint Department will investigate into the issue. If the dissatisfaction is caused by cultural misunderstanding, such as difference in food culture, our representative can provide detail explanation.
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