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Best Time to Visit Tokyo

Best Time to Visit Japan 838
Best Time to Visit Tokyo

When is the best time to visit Tokyo? Tokyo has a temperate climate with four distinguishable seasons. Summer is usually hot and humid, accompanied by typhoons. In contrast, winters are cold and dry, yet sunny. Rainy season runs from late June to mid July, and you can expect rain almost every day. Each season offers a unique experience to tourists. 

Best Season to Visit Tokyo

Spring is the most popular and the best time to visit Tokyo with millions of visitors from around the world gather in Japan to see the cherry blossom in spring and the autumn leaves in the fall. Summer and winters celebrate various holidays including Christmas and New Years in Tokyo, and visitors can attend the festivals and immerse themselves in the local culture. However, interesting to note, many top tourist attractions, shops, restaurants, and public transportation are closed during the New Year.

Spring - Cherry Blossom
Is Spring the best time to visit Tokyo? The iconic cherry blossom indicates the beginning of spring. As the famous pink scenery invites numerous guests from around the world, admiring the cherry blossom is no longer a traditional activity limited to the locals. In addition to cherry blossom travel season, you can also participate in flower festivals, flower viewing, tea tasting, sake tasting, and Tokyo tours.

Summer - Firework
In the summer, firework festivals are among the most prominent events. Starting in July, you can easily find a firework festival almost every weekend throughout Tokyo. A lot of young couples dressed in traditional yukatas and zori would attend the ceremony to enjoy the colorful firework.

Fall - Autumn Leaves
Is Fall another good travel season to visit Tokyo? The fall of Tokyo is painted in gold by the ginkgo leaves and in red by the maple leaves. Though maple trees are not as abundant as in Kyoto, Tokyo also offers picturesque streets covered in red leaves. A trip will not be completed without a walk down to Ginkgo Avenue in the Meiji Jingu Gaien Park. Many tourists would also visit the Ueno Park, where they walk through the red maple leaves as heading to the Art Museum and the garden pond.

Winter - Christmas
Is Winter the worst time to visit Tokyo? Christmas is among the most important holidays in Japan. Every year, the city will put on new decorations with different themes.  Lavishly decorated shopping malls are on every busy streets of Tokyo. You will find illumination displays as early as November, and sometimes until February of next year.


Best Season for Tokyo Tours

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is the best time to travel to Tokyo?
    Most people visit Tokyo during the spring and autumn season. In the springtime, you can enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms, which is the symbol of Japan. Autumn season in Tokyo has many festival days with themed activities, and the well-known maple leaf bloom. The summer season is a rainy season but is still suitable for a summer vacation in Tokyo, Japan. Although it is cold during the winter season, there are many themed activities such as Christmas and New Year celebrations, which may also attract many tourists.
  • What is the weather like during mid-April in Tokyo?
    The minimum temperature ranges around 6 to 8 degrees Celsius (42 to 46 degrees Fahrenheit) and the high temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit). The weather is sunny most of the time, but the temperature difference between day and night is relatively large, and it is cooler when there is wind. It is recommended to wear long sleeves and a thick coat as layers, so you can take off and wear the layers according to the temperature changes.
  • When is the cherry blossom in Tokyo opened?
    The cherry blossom season in Tokyo is usually around the end of March to the beginning of April. It changes slightly every year, but it usually ranges between this time. Note that the cherry blossom season is relatively short. Generally, if it rains the sakura will fall about a week earlier.
  • Does it often rain in the summer in Tokyo?
    During June and July, it is the Japanese rainy season, where there will be relatively more rain. But even in the rainy weather, Tokyo has many indoor viewing spots. There are discounts in the summer season, suitable for shopping.
  • Can I see the autumn leaves in Tokyo during November?
    Yes, you can. The autumn leaves in the Tokyo area usually turn red around late October. The best viewing times for different parks can last from late October to early December.
  • Is it suitable to go to Tokyo during Christmas?
    Yes, it is suitable to visit during Christmas. In addition to feeling the holiday spirit and New Year celebrations, the December New Year's discount season in Tokyo is something you don't want to miss.
  • What about the fall foliage in Tokyo?
    Autumn is one of the best seasons to visit Tokyo, and Like cherry blossom season, fall is a wonderful time the foreign travelers who want to see Japan.
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