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Best Time to Visit Okinawa

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Best Time to Visit Okinawa

When is the best time to visit Okinawa? Many people may be surprise to find Okinawa has its unique distinction in language, food, and art compared with other part of Japan. As a result, Okinawa is an exotic place even to Japanese. Visitors can find a taste of South East Asia, China, and Japan in Okinawa culture and architecture. American culture is also blended into the place. American Village is a famous entertainment district located in the center of Okinawa. On the West Coast, tourists can find many popular attractions such as the Blue Cave, Cape Manzamo, Cape Zanpa, and more. Moreover, Okinawa is not only recognized the Hawaii of Japan, but it is also the birthplace of Karate.


Best Season to Visit Okinawa

Warm during winters and cool during summer, Okinawa has subtropical climate and is great to visit any time in the year. Winter is usually around 20°C, relatively warm. People would wear a jacket or thin sweater. Summer is long and lasts from April to September, but temperature will not be very hot even in midsummer. However, because ultraviolet is very strong, sunglasses, hat, and sun block are necessary in Okinawa. August to October is the typhoon period. Typhoon usually last for 1 to 2 days, during which flight and cruise to nearby islands like Miyako-jima and Ishigaki will stop operating. Alternatively, tourists can enjoy aquarium, Shurijo Castle, and many other indoor activities.

Surrounded by the sapphire-like ocean, Okinawa offers more than white sand beaches, lively coral reefs, and various tropical plants. The vacation resorts on the outlying islands have comprehensive facilities and are one of the best for family vacation. Additionally, there are many cultural heritages and historical centers scattered throughout Okinawa.

Regardless the time they visit, tourists will most likely be able to join in one of the numerous festivals hosted by this fascinating fishing village. Nago Cherry Blossom Festival starts from January to early February every year. Ryukyu Kaiensai Fireworks Festival is in mid April, during which colorful vibrant firework would light up the harbor in dark. Naha Hari is a local festival with boat races hosted in May. The Zamami Island Festival, with thousands of participants and spectators, is an energetic event in August. The Okinawa Zento Eisa Matsuri also takes place in August. These are just a few of the cultural events and festivals among the many other events in Okinawa!

Early January to late March is the best time to see the humpback whales. 90% of the chances, tourists can catch a close glimpse of those over 10 meter long gigantic creatures. Due to the cozy temperature, Okinawa is the first region to have cherry blossom every year. Cherry blossom is found throughout Okinawa every winter, during which the turquoise ocean together with the romantic pink flowers transform the island into a picturesque attraction. Hardly anyone who has visited Okinawa could forget the magnificence of the place.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is the weather in Okinawa?
    Okinawa is the only region with tropical weather in Japan. The weather is warm throughout the year, with an average about 23°C. Spring is usually accompanied by showers. Summer is usually hot and sunny. Typhoon sometime hit the island on September and October. Spring is the best time to visit Okinawa because it has nice weather as well as cherry blossom. December to March are winter. However, it will be not very cold and T shirt or a thin sweater would be enough to keep you warm.
  • Is it good to visit Okinawa in July and August?
    July and August are summer season. Surfing, diving, and other water activities are highly recommended. Temperature tends to be high, usually over 30°C. Prepare a windbreaks to shield from rain, wind, and the sun.
  • When is cherry blossom in Okinawa? Where is the best place to see?
    Okinawa is the first to have cherry blossom in Japan, usually starts late January and last until around 23 Feb. The specific dates depend on the weather, thus please pay close attention to the most updated news on the exact blossom dates. Every year in February and March, Japan Meteorological Agency will release the most accurate on weather cherry blossom in the area. Yaedake Sakuranomori Park and Nakijin Castle are the best places to see cherry blossom.
  • I want to watch whale in Okinawa. Which month should I visit?
    Whales usually travel toward south after spending the summer in the north. Thus you may see whale in Okinawa area if you visit in fall and winter. From January to March is the busiest time on the island, and you have high chance of seeing the whales.
  • I want to join the Naha Hari Festival in Okinawa. Which month should I visit?
    Naha Hari Festival is a traditional ceremony in which local fisherman pray for harvest. Additional to boat racing, there are fireworks and other activities in early May.
  • When is the Shurijo Castle Festival in Okinawa?
    Shurijo Castle Festival is hosted every year from late Oct to early November. Many locals would participate in the festival. In the parade, people play roles of the king, queen, Chinese ambassador and more. This traditional festival is one of the largest on the island and attracts thousands of people.
  • If I visit Okinawa in spring, what can I see other than cherry blossom?
    Starting with Okinawa International Orchid Show, various flower exhibitions are found in Okinawa during the flower carnival from mid February to late March.
  • When is the ocean festival in Okinawa? Which month should I visit?
    The ocean festival is usually from late March to late August. It is a long festival and celebrated by many people. During the period, different sport competitions and events are hosted.
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