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Best Time to Visit Kitakyushu

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Best Time to Visit Kitakyushu
Kitakyushu is a large city on the island of Kyushu in Fukuoka prefecture in Japan. Many sightseeing opportunities include the Kokura Castle, Moji Port, and the Toto Museum. The most asked question when visiting a place is usually how's the weather? Visitors want to be able to fully enjoy the experience with less hassle. So when's the best time to visit? Kitakyushu has mild winters and hot, humid, and rainy summers. Japan is known to have monsoons that start at different times of the year in different parts of Japan. The weather varies each season with different temperatures and climate. 

Cherry blossom season in Kitakyushu is usually around late March in the springtime. The weather during this season is slightly humid with average temperatures ranging around 66 degrees Fahrenheit. The weather is warm making it a great time to visit Kitakyushu if you are not a fan of the cold. During early spring it can still get a little cool, so packing some warmer clothes would be best. But light jackets or cardigans are usually used in May. It is an ideal season to visit Kitakyushu as the highest maximum temperature ranges around 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Rain is somewhat common with 7 to 8 days of significant precipitation per month, but the rain peaks more during the summer. So bringing waterproof jackets and umbrella are advised.

Summers are short in Kitakyushu, but are humid and warm with high temperatures. June through August are the busiest season for tourism as most people decide to visit during this time, making most places crowded. With the heat, it can get uncomfortable going to places for outdoor sightseeing and attractions. The highest temperature can go to 95 degrees Fahrenheit (35 degrees Celsius). August is the hottest month so light clothing is recommended. The weather can be good during certain periods, but the weather may be affected by the summer monsoons. From August to early October, the city can be affected by typhoons. Because of the frequency of typhoons, Japan is prepared and well equipped for predicting and safeguarding against the worst possible effect of typhoons.

Autumn is considered the best season and time to visit, as it does not rain much and the amount of sunshine increases a little. The highest temperature during fall ranges from around 59 degrees Fahrenheit (15 degrees Celsius) to 84 degrees Fahrenheit (29 degrees Celsius).  It will feel very nice even with the humidity and wind. T-shirts and shorts or thin long pants may be the best clothing choice during October, but the temperatures may drop in the evenings, so a light jacket is suggested. The best time if you like cooler weather would be in November, which marks a good time to explore Kitakyushu. Along with the great weather is the fall foliage that occurs during this time, when leaves change colors for the season. There are many places to view fall foliage and it's a beautiful scenery to see.

Is winter the worst season to visit? Winters are usually cold, windy, and often cloudy, as it is common on the western side of Japan. The weather has highs of around 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius). Snowfall is generally light, compared to other parts of Japan. The rain or snow occurs around 6 to 7 times per month. For those who enjoy warmer weather, winter season is not the time to visit as the temperatures are lower and the air is slightly humid, as it makes it feel cooler than it is. Layered clothing is recommended to keep yourself warm during this season.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is the rainy season in Kitakyushu?
    Rainy season is in summer, usually in June and July. If you are traveling during this period, make sure to bring your umbrella. Good news is you will see hydrangea blossom in this period.
  • When is cherry blossom in Kitakyushu?
    Cherry blossom in Kitakyushu is usually in Mid March. However, please pay close attention to the most updated news on the exact blossom dates. Every year in February and March, Japan Meteorological Agency will release the most accurate on weather cherry blossom in the area.
  • When is the typhoon season in Kitakyushu?
    September and October are typhoon season in Japan. If you are planning to visit during the period, please check the weather because most area is affected.
  • Is it a good idea to visit Kitakyushu in October?
    October is the best time in the year to visit as weather is usually cool. However, September and October are typhoon season in Japan, thus pay attention to the weather.
  • What is the hottest month in Kitakyushu?
    According the data, August is the hottest month with an average temperature of 20-30°C. If you do not like heat, you can void visiting the Kitakyushu in August.
  • What is the most packed season in Kitakyushu?
    Kitakyushu usually receives the most travelers in the first week of October, because nearby countries also have their holidays. October is a good time to visit. However, if you do not like crowd, you may want to avoid visiting in October.
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