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Best Time to Visit Hokkaido

Best Time to Visit Japan 331
Best Time to Visit Hokkaido

When is the best time to visit Hokkaido? Travelers always want to know the answer so they can capture the prettiest views of Hokkaido during their visit. Good news is Hokkaido is great to visit any time during the year! Because Hokkaido offers unique views at different time and season, its gorgeous beauty absolutely guarantees a memorable experience.


Best Season to Visit Hokkaido

April marks the end of winter in Hokkaido, and flowers begin to bloom. In Hokkaido, you will find countless species of flower, and they come in almost any color you can imagine. Starting in May, Sapporo invites guests as cherry blossom and lilac bloom, and the flower fields offer colorful scenery for pictures. If you want to enjoy the beatiful scenery, May is the best time to visit Hokkaido.

In June, Lily of The Valley arrives the scene and its fragrance permeates the air. Furano, known as the Eastern Provence, has the best flower fields. Between June and August, lavenders would dye the area entirely in purple.

In winter, snow will turn Hokkaido into pure white. With numerous snow mountains, Hokkaido provides one of the best places for winter activities in the world. If you are a fan of skiing, winter is the best time to visit Hokkaido. Snow Festivals take place in February every year. Delicately built ice sculptures and snow arts will be displayed to visitors, allowing foreigners to learn about this special aspect of the Japan culture. There are nearly 90 ski resorts located across Hokkaido, the quality of the snow is one of the best in Japan


Hokkaido Ski Season

As a reliable Hokkaido tour company, we provide Japan ski tours for travellers from overseas. Whether you are looking for a short tour or a private chauffeur in Hokkaido, you can easily find the most suitable one at an affordable price. Contact our representatives to book our Japan group tours and Japan chauffeur service today.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the weather in July in Hokkaido?
    The weather in Hokkaido is cool and comfortable in early July, and when June and July come it becomes the rainy season in Japan. Typhoons are rarely visited remote Hokkaido, but they are usually surrounded by rain, so in the summertime, it may sometimes be difficult to see the blue sky, as the heavy fog is inevitable.
  • Is it cold in Hokkaido during December?
    The temperature in Hokkaido, Sapporo ranges from an average of -4 degrees Celsius (24 degrees Fahrenheit) to -2 degrees Celsius (28 degrees Fahrenheit). -2 degrees Celsius is the average temperature during the day. It is recommended to wear warm, winter clothing, like windbreakers, sweaters, and other warm clothing. At night the average temperature is -4 degrees Celsius. It is recommended to wear thick, warm clothing such as cotton coats, winter coats, and leather jackets.
  • What time of the year does the Hokkaido cherry blossom season start?
    The cherry blossom season in Hokkaido usually is around the end of April to the beginning of May. It slightly varies every year, but it usually ranges around this time. The cherry blossom season is relatively short, and it lasts for about a week, for it to fully bloom.
  • Is the end of September to the beginning of October a good time to visit Hokkaido?
    If you missed the cherry blossom season, there are only a few places where you can see the red leaves during this time. It is also not the best time to ski, as the winter season has not begun yet.
  • Can you see the red leaves in Hokkaido during the first half of October?
    Yes, you can. There are a few different places in Hokkaido where you can enjoy the autumn leaves from early October to early November.
  • Have the Hokkaido red leaves began in November? Is there snowfall?
    Usually, there are red leaves in different parts of Hokkaido from the end of September to November. Around November is the end of the autumn season. It mostly depends on the weather if there may be a possibility of snowfall.
  • Should I avoid winter season?
    There are some advantages to traveling during winter time in Hokkaido. As for winter, Hokkaido is a legendary destination among skiers and snowboarders. Nearly half of the top ski resorts are located in Hokkaido in Japan, such as Rusutsu Resort and Sahoro Resort.
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