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Best Time to Visit Nagoya

Best Time to Visit Japan 351
Best Time to Visit Nagoya

When's the best time to visit Nagoya? Nagoya is one of the largest metropolitan regions in Japan, along with Tokyo and Keihanshin. Nagoya is the city center of the Nagoya metropolitan area. It does not only present the history through famous architectures such as Nagoya Castle, Atsuta Jingu, and Tokugawaen, but also it also show case many modern skyscrapers. Therefore, travelers can view cherry blossom in spring and participates in festivals in fall. No matter which season you visit Nagoya, the city will surprise you with the unique charm on traditional culture and modern city.


Best Season to Visit Nagoya

Spring (March-May): From late March to early May, cherry blossom covers the city in a pink blank, attracting many visitors to enjoy the beautiful scenery. The temperature is about 7–16 degree Celsius, so many traveler find the weather very pleasant. During cherry blossom, Nagoya Castle hosts many events, including concerts and martial performance. The local deems it as an honor to participate in one of the events, especially playing a role of a general. There are also a lot of food stands in the events where you can try a variety of specialty snacks. You may also pack a bento box and sit comfortably near the castle to enjoy cherry blossom. In the evening, the city will be illuminated with lights and you can see cherry blossom in a special way.

Summer (June-August)
In Nagoya, summer is hot and humid in general, with an average of 22-33 degree Celsius. Because Japan is surrounded by sea, the climate is humid, but the raining helps to alleviate the heat in summer. Nagoya hosts many festivals in summer. For example, Atsuta Festival and Tokugawaen Festival Float Parade, the very popular kentou makiwara (light tributes tied with straw), firework at the Shrine Park, float parades, martial art, and performing art are all hosted in June. In July, there are Nagoya Port Festival, Endoji Tanabata Festival, World Cosplay Summit, and other events. In August, you will also find many events like the Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium's Summer Night Aquarium, Osu Summer Festival, Nagoya Castle Summer Festival, and Nippon Domannaka Festival just to name a few.

Fall (September-November)
Fall is from September to November, and it is probably the best time to visit Nagoya, which is now decorated with red maple leaves. The temperature is very comfortable with an average of 16 to 22 degree Celsius. In addition, fall is known to be the festival season of Nagoya. If you visit the city in fall, you can participate in many festivals, including the Nagoya Festival, which is the largest of all. There are other events, such as Hometowns of Japan Kenjinkai Festival, Tokugawaen Moon Viewing Event, Arimatsu Float Festival, Osu Street Performing Festival, Nagoya Castle Autumn Festival, themed parade, float parade, Kabuki shows, dance performance, and concerts. You can most likely find an event everyday during the entire summer.

Winter (December-February)
Is winter the worst season to visit Nagoya? Like many other cities in the central area, Nagoya is cold and windy in winter with an average of 3-10 degree Celsius. If you travel to Nagoya from Tokyo at this period, you may participate in one of the Christmas and New Year celebrations. Shopping center, parks, and temples usually have light illumination and fireworks. You can join the locals to pray for a good new year at a temple.  Last but not least, the plum blossom is not to be missed!

Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • What clothes to prepare for visiting Nagoya in summer?
    With an average of 22- 30 degree Celsius, summer tends to be rainy in Nagoya, so bringing an umbrella is recommended. Also, wear thin clothes such as cotton linen shirts and short sleeve shirts. And remember to prepare sunscreen.
  • Is it cold in Nagoya in winter?
    Nagoya is about 3-10 degree Celsius in winter and sometimes is windy. Warm clothes such as sweaters and windbreakers are recommended.
  • When is the cherry blossom in Nagoya?
    Cherry blossom is usually from late March to early May in Nagoya. During this period, the city attracts many travelers.
  • Is September the maple leaf season in Nagoya?
    September is a little too early for maple leaves. The maple leaf season is usually from November to early December. During this period, Shirotori Garden, Tokugawaen, and Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens would hosts maple leaves viewing events.
  • When is Nagoya Festival?
    Nagoya Festival is a major festival in Nagoya, hosted in October every year.
  • Is there typhoon in Nagoya?
    Nagoya tends be very rainy in summer. During late summer and early fall, sometimes there is typhoon in August. We recommend checking the weather before going out.
  • How to view snow scenery in Nagoya?
    Kanazawa is 3.5 hour drive away from Nagoya. Cover in pure white snow, Kenrokuen Garden in Kanazawa offers probably one of the best snow scenery and there is lighting events in the evening. On the other hand, Gero Onsen is one of the three greatest onsen villages in Japan. Gero Onsen is 2 hour drive from Nagoya. Both options are good destinations to visit in winter.
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