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Showa Shinzan Car Tours

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Showa Shinzan Car Tours

Want a car and chauffeur service to Showa Shinzan? It is a mountain newly formed in about 1943 after a series of earthquakes. Still smoking sulfurous fumes, Showa Shinzan is an active volcanic lava dome located east of its parent Mt. Usu in Hokkaido. The height of Showa Shinzan recorded as of 2019 is 398 meters or 1306ft.

What to See in Showa Shinzan

Taking the Usuzan Ropeway is one of the best options for an aerial view over the UNESCO Geopark and the nearby Lake Toya. The ropeway operates daily from about 9AM to 4PM, and bounds upward from the foothill of Showa Shinzan to the Usuzan Toyako Observatory deck.

Showa Shinzan offers distinct views at different seasons, from blossoming mountain in spring to snow covered peak in the winter. At the Usuzan Toyako Observatory deck, tourists can not only oversee the volcanic summits and Lake Toyako, but also the Pacific Ocean. Round trip ticket for an adult is 1600 yen.

Unsurprisingly, the volcanoes provide one the most extraordinary onsens in Hokkaido. Toya Onsen, which received hot spring directly from Mt Showa Shinzan and Mt Usu, is a well recognized onsen ryokan in the country. Toya Onsen has hosted national summit because of the remarkable hot spring. To get to the foothill of Showa Shinzan, there is about a 15 minute drive from the closest station, the JR Toyako Station.

How to Get to Showa Shinzan
Opening Hours: 9:00-16:00 (longer hours during summer)
Entrance Ticket: 1600 Yen (Ropeway round trip)
Address: Showashinzan, Sobetsu, Usuzan, Hokkaido
Duration: 2-3 hours

Showa Shinzan Charter Van and Chauffeur

As a reliable limo and tour company, we provide international travelers with private car tours and chauffeur service to Showa Shinzan. Whether you are looking for a short charter van tour or a private chauffeur, you can easily find the most suitable one at affordable prices. Contact our representatives to book our Hokkaido Private Chauffeurs.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to get to Showa-Shinzan volcano with public transportation?
    JR + Bus: Take the JR express line from New Chitose Airport Station to JR Toya Station, which takes 1h 36 min. Or take the JR from Sapporo Station to Toya Station, which take 1h52min. Once arrive at Toya Station, take the Donan Bus to the Toya Onsen stop, which takes approximately 15 min. Lastly, transfers to another bus and get off at the Showa-shinzan bus terminal.

    Bus: Take the 10 bus at the Sapporo station (there are 4 buses to Toyako Onsen Bus Terminal daily. Tickets can be purchased at the windows). At the Toyako Onsen Bus Terminal, transfers to another bus and get off at the Showa-shinzan bus terminal.
  • How to get to Lake Toya or Mt. Usu from Showa-shinzan?
    Showa-shinzan is located on the foothill of Mt. Usu, and they are only about a few hundred meters away from each other. To Lake Toya, there is a bus with four fixed departures every day, which starts in Lake Toya Onsen station and ends in Showa-shinzan station.
  • What are other places to see near Showa-Shinzan volcano?
    Popular tourist attractions are Mount Usu Eruption Memorial Park, Toyako Visitor Center, Lake Toya, Mount Usu, Showa Shinzan Bear Ranch, and Onsen Street.
  • Do you provide any half-day or full day trip to Showa-Shinzan volcano?
    We do provide half-day or full day trip. However, due to the high demand on tour guides during high season, the price is expensive. Instead, we recommend booking a private transfer service, and we can arrange a driver speaking simple English.
  • What are some recommended hotels near Showa-Shinzan volcano?
    There are many hotels with different level of rating. For hotels with quality and reasonable prices, you can consider:
    Toyako Manseikaku Hotel Lakeside Terrace
    Hotel Grand Toya
    Granvillage Toya Daiwa Ryokan Annex
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