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Meiji Shrine

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Meiji Shrine

Looking for a tour to Meiji Shrine? The Meiji Jingu also known as the Meiji Shrine, and is one of Japan's most well-known shrines in Japan. It is a Shinto shrine built in 1920 dedicated to Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken, known to make Japan a western and modern society. After it was burnt down by the World War II air raids, it was reconstructed in 1958. Meiji Shrine is surrounded by a 700,000 square-meter forest, with over 100,000 trees that were planted during the shrine's construction, donated from many regions across the country.

What to See in Meiji Shrine
The entrance to the shrine grounds is through Japan's largest torii gates, measuring 40 feet high made of cypress wood. The main shrine buildings are in the center of the park. Offering walking paths at grounds of the shrine, it is a great place to take a relaxing walk. Offerings can be made at the main hall, stopping at the cleansing station to purify your hands and mouth before offering a prayer and writing wishes on little pieces of paper and tying them onto the prayer wall.

The shrine consists of two areas, the Inner Garden and the Outer Garden. The Inner Garden is a large area of the shrine grounds. During the middle of June, the garden becomes popular when over 150 species of the irises bloom. In the Outer Garden, the main attractions include the Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery, containing 40 paintings depicting the life of Emperor Meiji and the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium. Next to the Meiji Shrine is the big Yoyogi Park that is one of the largest greenery in Tokyo containing a variety of landscapes.

How to Get to Meiji Shrine
Opening Hours: Treasure house: March to October: 9:00-16:30, November to February: 9:00-16:00; Temple of the Royal Garden: In addition to June, for 9: 00-16:30, June 8:00-17:00
Entrance Ticket: free
Address: 1-1, Shintoku-cho, Shiodome, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Duration: 1-2 hours


Meiji Shrine Tours

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Meiji Jingu a shrine or a temple?
    Meiji Jingu is a shrine, not a temple. The word "temple" is usually not used in the context of Shinto but rather in the context of Buddhism for example.
  • What are the open hours of Meiji Shrine?
    Meiji Shrine is open daily from 9:00AM to 16:00PM. Hours may vary depending on the seasons or holidays.
  • Can I take pictures in Meiji Shrine?
    You may take private pictures for yourself from the outside, but please do not take any pictures inside buildings and halls, and please do not take close-ups of shrine staff or pictures of other visitors.
  • Can I eat or smoke in the Meiji Shrine area?
    Please eat, drink, or smoke in the designated areas only. This is mainly at Bunkakan. (At Bunkakan food and drink are available, and there is a smoking spot with ash trays.) Pay attention to the signs prohibiting smoking, drinking, or eating.
  • Does Meiji Shrine hold any traditional ceremony?
    Yes. Nikusai, the ceremony praying for worldwide peace and everybody's prosperity, is held every day at 8:00AM and 2:00 PM at the Honden Main Hall. Additionally, various festival celebrations, offerings, and prayer ceremonies are held during the months.
  • Can I bike around Meiji Shrine?
    The area of Meiji Jingu is a sacred forest, not a park. You may come by bike to Meiji Jingu, but please park it at one of the three entrances and continue your visit on foot (there is a parking space for bikes at each entrance). Thank you.
  • How do I get to Meiji Shrine with public transportation?
    Transportation to the Meiji Shrine is very convenient. You can take the Yamanote Line and get off at the Harajuku Station, the south gate will be in 1 minute walking distance. Or get off by the West Exit of the Yoyogi station, and walk 8 minute to the north gate. You can also take the Fukutoshin Line, and get off at the Meiji Jingu Mae 'Harajuku' Station, and walk about a minute to the south gate. Or get off by the Kitasando Station by Exit 1, and walk about 5 minutes to the north gate. Lastly, you can take the Chiyoda Line, and get off at the Meiji Jingu Mae 'Harajuku' Station, and walk about a minute to the south gate.
  • What are some recommended restaurants near Meiji Shrine?
    BONE in Shibuya is a very popular restaurant. It is an izakaya and foods are served in buffet style. There are also several recommended restaurant near Supreme.
  • Is there any luggage storage service near the subway station?
    Yes, there is a large storage across the Meiji Shrine by the elevator. It is located near the JR station by the Metro Chiyoda line. You can storage any large luggage up to 29 inches into the storage.
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