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Jigoku-Dani Noboribetsu

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Jigoku-Dani Noboribetsu

Want a car tour or chauffeur service to Jigoku-Dani in Noboribetsu? Also known as "Hell Valley" is a 24-acre smoking crater located in Hokkaido's Shikotsu-Toyo National Park. Due to the eruption of Mount Kuttara around 20,000 years ago, it left this crater, which is now known as Jigoku-Dani. Jigoku-Dani is a valley with steam vents, geysers, and boiling lakes in its grounds making you feel as if you were in hell. The continuous boiling and bubbling water from the pits and calderas are very popular about the valley. As a reliable limo company, we focus on providing best car tours and chauffeur service in Hokkaido for international travelers, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

The Jigoku-Dani It is the main source of water for the Noboribetsu hot spring resort area. The area is home to dozens of onsens, which are natural hot water baths of different kinds of mineral thermal waters. The name is the same as the Jigoku-Dani of Japan's main island of Honshu, where snow monkeys bathe. Other than the onsens, there are boardwalks and trails to hike the various hot vents, thermal lakes, geysers, and blowholes. There is the main pathway that offers amazing views of the hills and views of mountains.

Depending on the season and time you visit, the colors of Jigoku-Dani change. The peak season is from mid October to late October for the fall foliage, in addition to the already spectacular scenery. Please be aware that if you visit during the winter, in Hell Valley the grounds may be hot, but Hell Valley itself is freezing. April to September, the weather is warmer. Lastly, please note there are strong odors of sulfur, so if you cannot stand the smell, please bring a face mask.

Opening Hours: Whole Day
Entrance Ticket: Free
Address:  Noboribetsuonsencho, Noboribetsu, Hokkaido 059-0551
Duration: 2 hours

Jigoku-Dani Noboribetsu Car Service

As a trustful tour and limo company in Hokkaido, we provide private van tours and chauffeur service to Jigoku-Dani Noboribetsu for international travelers. Whether you are looking for a short Jigoku-Dani van tour or a private chauffeur, you can easily find the most suitable one at an affordable price. Feel free to contact our representatives to book our Noboribetsu private car and chauffeur service.

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