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Tokyo to Inawashiro

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Tokyo to Inawashiro

How to gen to Inawashiro from Tokyo or Narita Airport? It is a town is located in central Fukushima Prefecture, about 280 Km or a 3.5 hour drive from Tokyo city. Thanks to Mt.Bandai, Inawashiro has become a popular summer resort and a skiing resort. If you plan on a 2-3 days trip traveling with skiing equiptments, a door to door car rental service with driver from Tokyo is probably the best option. We provide different car types that can fit your luggage: 7-seater van, 10-seater van, 14-seater van, and 20-seater coaster bus. Our Tokyo private transfer/car service has professional and friendly drivers. If you reserve in advance, we can arrange a driver who speaks simple English. Because the road condition highly depends on the weather, if you need budget Japan tours, or a private transfer service to Inawashino from Tokyo, please contact us.

Tokyo to Inawashino Chauffeur Service

Our company provides safe and affordable door to door private chauffeur service for foreign visitors. Some of your private drivers in Japan can speak basic English, and will escort you to Inawashiro from Narita Airport or Tokyo. Whether you are going to Inawashiro from Tokyo Narita Airport or hotels in Tokyo, private transfer and private tours are the most convenient and affordable way.

What to See Around Inawashiro
Lake Inawashiro: Lake Inawashiro is located in Bandai Asahi National Park and is the fourth largest lake in Japan. With a total area of 104 square kilometers, the lake has earned the title as mirror made by god. At Lake Inawashiro offers different kinds of fun all year round. When autumn comes, hiking and enjoying the maple leaves are the musts. The red maple leaves as if set the mountain on flame. In winter, the mountain accumulates a thick layer of snow for people to enjoy skiing and snowboarding in Japan.

Mt. Bandai: once named as Iwahashi-yama, the mountain changed its name to Mt. Bandai because the giant rocks on the mountain seemingly lead to the sky. It is also known as "Aizu Fuji", and it is one of the top 100 famous mountains and top 100 geographical landmarks in Japan. In 2011, UNESCO announced Panti Mountain to be a global geological park with geographical heritage.

Inawashiro Herb Garden: Located in the Listel-Park at an altitude of 600 meters, Inawashiro Herb Garden is 100,000 square meters paradise filled with 500 kinds of flowers, such as lavender, mint, chamomile, cauliflower, corn poppy, sunflower, and cosmos. The flowers fully displays the colorful beauty in every season.

Kannonji-gawa River: Just one minute away from the north of Kawageta Station (JR Ban'etsu West Line), the Kannonji-gawa River is 1km long planted with 200 cherry trees on both sides. The entire river has not been altered by any urban construction, thus maintaining a natural curve. In spring, this path will turn into a magnificent Yoshino cherry blossom path with branches hanging over the river.

Hanitsu Shrine: honors the Hoshima Masanobu, an ancestor of feudal lords from the Aizu Clan during the early Edo period. Nearly 400 years old since the Edo period, the shrine has a pure and sacred atmosphere. During fall, the fallen maple leaf scattered on the ground as if a red carpet covering the shrine.

Tsurugajo Castle: The Tsurugajo allows visitors to learn about Japanese history, traditional culture, as well as enjoy the natural scenery. Although majority of the building has been renovated, the stone walls of the surrounding park have remained intact. After renovation in 1965, the castel was remodeled again in 2010, and the project was completed in 2011.

Sazaedo Temple: A Buddhist temple built in 1796. The temple got its name because its structure is similar to that of a conch. The entrance of the temple is a one way path that visitors won't encounter each other. Following the one path, they can leave the temple after visit. The design of the building is very rare, and it was designated as an important national cultural property in 1995.

Higashiyama Onsen: built 1300 years ago, Higashiyama Onsen is a famous retreat in Aizuwakamatsu City. Higashiyama Onsen is now ranked as one of the top three onsen village in the area. About 10 minutes drive from the transportation center in Aizuwakamatsu Fukushima, Higashiyama Onsen is very easy to access. Visitors can choose from many hotels. While enjoying the beautiful maple leaves, tourists can soak in the hot springs.

How to Get to Inawashiro from Tokyo
Take the JR Tohoku Shinkansen at the Tokyo Station for about 1.5 hours to Koriyama Station. And then transfer to JR Banetsu West Line. You will arrive at Inawashiro in 45 minutes.
Take the JR Yamagata Shinkansen at Tokyo Station, and you will arrive at Koriyama Station in 1.5 hours. And then transfer to JR Banetsu West Line, the express train takes about40 minutes to Inawashiro.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it convenient to travel from Aizuwakamatsu City to Higashiyama Onsen?
    Higashiyama Onsen is located on the mountain on the east side of Aizu-wakamatsu, take about a 10 minute drive. You can take the Bus "Haikara San" at the Wakamatsu Ekimae Station to Higashiyamaonseneki, and you will arrive after a 4 minute walk.
  • How far is it from Lake Inawashiro to Aizuwakamatsu City?
    Aizuwakamatsu City is located 19 Km west of Lake Inawashiro, takes about half and hour drive. You can take the JR Banetsu West Line at from Inawashiro Station to Aizu-Wakamatsu Station.
  • Is hiking in Mt. Banda during spring recommended?
    Except for winter, hiking at Mt. Banda is good at any season. Mt. Banda has 7 routes. Happomountain entrance route is the most popular, and takes 2-4 hours to complete. The length is about 3-7KM. There is a rest area at Koubou Shimizu, but over night staying is not provided.
  • Where is Inawashiro Ski Resort?
    Inawashiro Ski Resort is located at the north of Inawashiro foothill. It takes about 10 minutes drive from Inawashiro Station after getting off the JR Banetsu West Line. Public transportation is not very convenient, thus we recommend booking a private transfer service with Japan Holiday. We provide different car types: 7-seats van, 10-seats van, 14-seats van, and 20 seats coaster bus. If you reserve in advance, we can arrange a driver who speaks simple English.
  • How to get to Goshiki-numa ponds of Urabandai from Inawashiro?
    The Goshiki-numa ponds of Urabandai is not far from Inawashiro, only about 15Km or a 20 minute drive. Traveling in Inawashiro is made easy booking a private transfer service with Japan Holiday.
  • Where is Inawashiro located?
    Inawashiro is a town located in central Fukushima Prefecture, about 280 Km from Tokyo. The address is Inawashiro, Yama-gun, Fukushima Prefecture.
  • Is the transportation from Tokyo to Inawashiro convenient?
    Inawashiro is about 280 Km or a 3.5 hour drive from Tokyo city. The shinkanshen takes about 2.5 hours to arrive.
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