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Kimono for Men

Kimono Rental 348
Kimono for Men
Suitable For: Men with height from 160cm to 187cm, Duration: 09:30AM-06:00PM
Highlights: Kimono is not only for women, but there are also Kimono (Hakama) for men that you can dress up as cool Samurai.
How to Book:
  • Select the plan most suitable for you & Send an Inquiry
  • Get a Quote within 24 Hours & Free Changes per Your Requests
  • The booking is officially confirmed at the moment that we receive your payment
From $50 Free Inquiry
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Kimono for Men - US$50

Rate: US$50
Sizes for height from 160cm to 187cm are available.
Tabi could be purchased for US$6. 
Haori for men is only provided when necessary.



Option: 1-hour professional photography service

Rate: US$190
Includes: 100 original pictures and 17 premium retouched photos.



Option: 2-hour professional photography service

Rate: US$300
Includes: 150 original pictures and 20 premium retouched photos.



Option: 3-hour professional photography service

Rate: US$400
Includes: 200 original pictures and 25 premium retouched photos.



Option: Jinrikisha (human-powered vehicle)

12 minutes-US$40/vehicle
22 minutes-US$70/vehicle
30 minutes-US$90/vehicle
45 minutes-US$130/vehicle
60 minutes-US$170/vehicle
70 minutes-US$190/vehicle
(Maximum 2 passengers per vehicle)
Experience the traditional Japanese transportation jinrikisha in a Kimono outfit.
Photography service at Tokyo Sky Tree, Kaminarimon Gate, and other iconic scenic spots.



Option: Private Transfer Service

We have many vehicle options at an affordable price, read the Private Transfer Service for details.



    • Duration: 09:30AM-06:00PM
    • Kimono, Obi, Tabi, Zouri
    • Optional Service.
    • Tabi could be purchased for US$6.
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