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Standard Plan

Kimono Rental 499
Standard Plan
Suitable For: Women over the age of 13, Duration: 09:30AM-06:00PM
Highlights: Professional kimono fitting with staff selection on Kimono, Obi, Zori Sandal, and handbag
How to Book:
  • Select the plan most suitable for you & Send an Inquiry
  • Get a Quote within 24 Hours & Free Changes per Your Requests
  • The booking is officially confirmed at the moment that we receive your payment
From $40 Free Inquiry
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Standard Plan - US$40

Rate: US$40
Professional kimono fitting with staff selection on Kimono, Obi, Zori Sandal, and handbag.
Tabi could be purchased for US$6.
Deluxe Obi rental for additional US$20.



Option: 1-hour professional photography service

Rate: US$190
Includes: 100 original pictures and 17 premium retouched photos.



Option: 2-hour professional photography service

Rate: US$300
Includes: 150 original pictures and 20 premium retouched photos.



Option: 3-hour professional photography service

Rate: US$400
Includes: 200 original pictures and 25 premium retouched photos.



Option: Jinrikisha (human-powered vehicle)

12 minutes-US$40/vehicle
22 minutes-US$70/vehicle
30 minutes-US$90/vehicle
45 minutes-US$130/vehicle
60 minutes-US$170/vehicle
70 minutes-US$190/vehicle
(Maximum 2 passengers per vehicle)

Experience the traditional Japanese transportation jinrikisha in a Kimono outfit.
Photography service at Tokyo Sky Tree, Kaminarimon Gate, and other iconic scenic spots.



Option: Private Transfer Service

We have many vehicle options at an affordable price, read the Private Transfer Service for details.



    • Duration: 09:30AM-06:00PM
    • Kimono, Obi, Nagajuban, Tabi, Zouri, Handbag
    • Optional Service.
    • Tabi could be purchased for US$6.
    • Deluxe Obi rental for additional US$20.
Kimono Rental FAQ
  • Do we need to pay tips to the makeup artists or the photographer?
    Usually you do not have to pay extra tips. However, you are welcome to pay tips if you like the service. If you ride a rickshaw, tipping is highly recommended especially when the person helps to take picture or talk about the attraction.
  • Do I need to make appointment in advance for the kimono experience?
    All kimono experience has to be reserved at least 3 days in advance.When you make an appointment, please indicate the number of people, their gender, and the height of any kids. If you are interest in the rickshaw service, please specify the duration for the photography service and the ride. Since the kimono, hadajuban, zori sandals, hangbags, and other necessary accessories will be provided at the store, you do not have to bring in anything.
  • We are a family of three. Do we need to provide the sizes for the Kimono?
    We have all the sizes for Kimono, but please provide the height of each person when making your appointment. For people over 185 cm, the kimono sometimes do no cover the entire ankle, and you may decline the service if the kimono is totally not acceptable. Because there are limited kimonos for people over 185cm, please make your reservation in advance.
  • How long does it take to wear the kimono and complete hair styling?
    Please reserve about 40 min for selecting and wearing kimono, and hair styling. Depending on the person, one usually spends about 10 minute on selecting the kimono, 20 minutes on wearing, and lastly 20 minutes on setting the hair. Spring and fall are peak season and the store tends to be busy. Thus, we recommend reserving enough time for your visit.
  • When do I need to return the kimono? Can I leave my luggage at the store?
    All kimonos have to be returned back to the store before 18:00PM. If you need to return at a later time, please communicate with the staff in advance. During the rental period, you may leave your luggage at the store. We also provide free storage for large baggage.
  • Can I bring my own kimono to the store?
    Yes, you may bring your the kimono to the store and our professional staff can help you to put on the clothing. If you need any accessories at the store, you may also rent them according to the price.
  • Does the store provide make-up and hair styling service?
    Yes, our store provides professional make-up and hair styling service, but fee are usually not included in the plans. Different styles are available to choose. If you need a special hair design, please speak with your hairstylist in advance.
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