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What to Buy in Japan

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What to Buy in Japan

When visiting Japan, you are wondering what kind of shopping you should do. What is there to purchase and what should your purchase while you're there? Shopping is very popular and there are many locations and great opportunities to purchase souvenirs, gifts, cosmetic products, local specialties, etc. The list goes on and on with what you can purchase in Japan, but it is all based on your preferences and interests. Japan has a wide variety of affordable and high-quality goods that are perfect to purchase for yourself, your friends and family. The top items people purchase when visiting Japan include Japanese cosmetics, Japanese folding fans, electronics, inexpensive clothes, sweets and snacks, matcha products, 100 yen products, and so much more. If you are interested in anime and manga, there are many locations, especially Akihabara that sell Otaku items you may want like figures, toys, games, manga, etc. Below are more about souvenirs you can purchase and where you can go.

What You Can Purchase In Japan

Japanese Cosmetics
Japan's cosmetic industry is very popular and known for some of the best makeup, skin care and hair products. They are highly regarded for great quality and at an affordable price. They offer a wide range of cosmetic products, from high-end brands to inexpensive brands. In every town, a wide range of products can be found easily in a drug store or department stores.

Electronics in Japan
Japan is known to be the high-tech country in producing many electronic gadgets. Many tourists who visit are known to shop electronic products for those who are interested in electronics. Many products that are sold are much cheaper in Japan than in other countries. The most popular electronic items that are purchased in Japan are cameras, rice cookers, headphones, etc. The best location to shop for electronics is Akihabara, as there are many locations with electronic stores.

Sweets, snacks, matcha products
Japanese food, especially their sweets and snacks are affordable and high quality. They can be easily purchased at convenience stores, supermarkets, and souvenir stores in Japan. Matcha green tea flavored snacks are the most popular and must-buy product in Japan. Their Matcha products and green tea powders are unique and known for their exquisite flavor. Famous local sweets include the Tokyo Banana, Yatsuhashi in Kyoto, and the Tsukigesho in Osaka. There are many options for sweets and snacks that are available for purchase in each store you walk into.

Anime and manga in Japan
The market in Japan for manga and anime related items is huge, compared to other regions. Most products are release in Japan first before they are picked up for translation and put out for publication elsewhere.

Traditional Japanese Products
Chopsticks are available in a large array of styles and designs. They make for a small and great souvenir or gift. Furoshiki is a piece of cloth that is traditionally used to wrap bento lunch boxes and gifts and carry around other items like boxes, wine, etc, like a bag. It is also available in different patterns and designs varying from traditional Japanese patterns or contemporary options. Japanese folding fans are also known as Sensu fans, which is a budget friendly item that can make a great souvenir and gift. They can be found in 100 yen shops, small shops, or specialty shops.

Japan Shopping Tours

As a reliable Japan tour operator, we provide affordable Japan shopping tours for travelers from overseas. Whether you are looking for gifts for your family or Japanese Cosmetics, you can easily find the most suitable one at an affordable price. Contact our representatives to book our Japan small group tours and Japan Private Chauffeurs.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are some of the recommended gifts and products to buy in Japan?
    Cosmetics, folding fans, electronics, discounted clothes, candies, snacks, and matcha are some of the many popular products among tourists. If you are interested in anime products, you may find cartoon characters, toys, games, and mangas in many places especially Akihabara.
  • What are the popular electronic appliances in Japan?
    Well known for advanced electronic appliances, Japan offers high quality electronics at unbeatable prices. The most popular products include camera, rice cookers, headphones, shavers, and watches.
  • Where can I buy candies and snacks in Japan?
    You can find candies and snacks in any store you walk in, and there a large variety to choose from. You can buy them at convenience stores, supermarkets, and souvenir shops.
  • What are traditional souvenirs are good for gifts?
    Japanese chopsticks have many delicate designs and often are a great choice for gift. Japanese folding fans is another great option as affordable gift. Additionally, oil-paper umbrella and glassware are also very popular.
  • Are Japanese cosmetics are worth buying?
    Japanese cosmetics are very popular. From luxury brand to budget item, Japan has some of the best cosmetics and skincare products with great quality at affordable prices. It is a good gift for yourself as well as friends and family.
  • Do you arrange shopping tour?
    Yes, we can arrange shopping tour. If you need a tour guide, who is familiar with the shopping district, you can inform our representative.
  • If I join a group tour itinerary, will I have time for shopping?
    Our group tour itinerary is usually very tight, but you can shop during free time in the evening. If you want to buy traditional handicrafts as gifts, there are a lot of souvenir shops near the attractions.
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