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Electricity in Japan

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Electricity in Japan

The voltage in Japan is 100V. However, the frequency differs depending on the area.  Cities such as Tokyo located in East Japan, East of Fuji-gawa and Itoigawa, use 50Hz. West Japan, on the other hand, uses 60 Hz. If your device is not compatible with both 50Hz/60 Hz, don't plug in your device when you are traveling to West Japan. On this page, we will provide some useful informations of Electricity on Plug, Socket, Voltage, Adapter in Japan.

If you travel to Japan from the US, Canada and most South American countries, manufacturers take small deviations (plus or minus 5%) into account, you should be able to plug in your device if it is two-pinned.  If the device does not have a two-pin flat plug, you would need an adapter. If your device uses 220-240V (UK, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia), we recommend bringing a converter. Today, many electronics such as cell phone, shaver, gaming device, and laptops, are compatible with 100V-240V; 50Hz/60Hz. Some say you can carefully try to use your appliances in Japan without a converter.

Most likely they won't be damaged, but may not function optimally. If you don't want to take any chances, use a converter. Most of the outlets in Japan are designed for two-pin plug. Large electronic appliances usually have three-pin plug. However, most two-pin flat plug can apply to a three-pin socket. If your device has a round-pin plug or three-pin flat plug (such as laptop), you would need a plug adapter. You can also consider a combined power plug adapter/voltage converter.

Japanese hotel socket panels are usually six holes, three holes on the top and three holes on the bottom, so one outlet can supply two devices at the a time. Many hotels also prepare adapter for guests. However, as more and more people travel to Japan, adapter can be out of supply, especially during peak travel season. Thus, we recommend bring your own adapter if you are planning for a long-term stay. Make sure to purchase your adapter at reliable stores and carefully plug in for safety reason.

Some bullet trains have installed outlet on the armrest. For example, passengers can find outlet in the 700 series trains, including the Tokaido Shinkansen Line and Sanyo Shinkansen Line. Keep in mind that adapter are not provided on the train, so make sure to bring one if needed.

If you intend to purchase electronic appliances in Japan for use outside of Japan, you are advised to look for equipment specifically made for oversea tourists. Small electronic appliances like hairdryer and cosmetic devices usually have two types. Some electronics are designed for foreigners and adapt to outlets abroad. These electronics are usually available in large stores like the Bic Camera or Yodobashi. Other electronics though might come with converter, can only be used in certain countries. Just to be safe, ask a staff before purchasing any electronics in Japan.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to bring an adapter to charge my phone in Japan?
    The outlet in Japan is usually for two-pin flat plug. If your device has two-pin flat plug, you don't need an adapter. Otherwise, you may want to bring an adapter.
  • Do I need to bring a voltage converter?
    The voltage in Japan is 100V. If the voltage in your home country is 110-127V, you will not need a converter. However, if the voltage in your home country is 200-240V (such as UK, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia), we recommend bring a converter. Though most portable mobile devices are designed for wide voltage nowadays, it is more efficient to have a converter.
  • Does Shinkansen have outlet?
    Some newer shinkansen such as the 700 series trains have outlet on the armrest or by the seat. Important to note, adapters are not provided on trains. So make sure to carry one with you if needed.
  • Do I need to pay attention to the voltage when purchasing electrical appliances in Japan?
    If you intend to purchase electronic appliances in Japan for use outside of Japan, you are advised to look for equipment specifically made for oversea tourists. Pay close attention to the voltage label and consult a staff when needed.
  • Is adapter provided in Japanese hotel?
    Many Japanese hotels provide adapters. As Japan now receives a high volume of visitors, adapters tend to run out during high season. Instead, bringing your own adapters is recommended. For you and your family's safety, purchase an adapter at a reliable store.
  • Is charging device available in Japanese airport?
    Most Japanese airports have many outlets for passengers to charge their device. The outlets are usually found near seats or in café and restaurants.
  • Is it convenient to purchase an adapter in Japan?
    Yes, you can find adapter in many places such as airports, drugstore, and other tourist spots. Additionally, many Japanese hotels provide adapter.
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