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Japanese Kyudo

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Japanese Kyudo
Kyudo, also known as kyujutsu, is a Japanese form of art of archery. The bow has been used as a tool for hunting and fighting long time ago. It was developed during the feudal period for military art in Japan, and it was first practiced as a Shinto ritual in the palace as a material art of samurai training since the Kamakura Period. Today, it's also considered a good way to stay fit, and training the mind as well. Kyudo players use a bow of the standard length competing the points scored by hitting a target.

Japanese call bows “Yumi”, which shafts are traditionally made of bamboo and leather, Now, although some archers may use synthetic ones, such as glass fiber or carbon fiber. The most outstanding differences between Western archery and Japanese kyudo being that Western modern bows are smaller, whereas kyudo bows are larger and asymmetrical. the Eastern style is exceptionally mobile. The upper part of bow is almost twice as long as the lower part as the archer is almost always kneeling and riding on the horse’s back. The samurai would traditionally shoot from horseback, and the shorter bottom allowed clearance over the horse’s back.
How far a Japanese traditional bow can shoot is dependent on the draw strength and the arrow used. The average Yumi can shoot somewhere between 160 and 220 meters. Lighter arrows will land you closer to the 120 meters range. The heaviest of arrows will land you closer to 220 meters. Usually, the length of an arrow is the length of one arm. The purpose behind this is to allow the archer to drag and nock the arrow in a single smooth motion.

The All Nippon Kyudo Federation is the governing organization for kyudo in Japan, and it is also responsible for the development of kyudo throughout Japan. It is under the auspice of the International Kyudo Federation which is responsible for the promotion and development of kyudo all over the world.
Tel: 81-3-3481-2398

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