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Tokyo Kid-Friendly Attractions

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Tokyo Kid-Friendly Attractions

Many overseas families visiting Tokyo might wonder: what are some recommended attractions suitable for children? Is there a tour itinerary suitable for family travel? You may ease your mind because Tokyo is very suitable for family travel as there are many attractions are very suitable for kids. Just to name a few, there are Tokyo Disneyland, which undoubtedly fascinates children, anime museum, which is one of the best in the world, and aquarium. There are also activities for children to learn more about traditional calligraphy, making soba noodles, and making Japanese food.

Top Kid-Friendly Attractions in Tokyo
If you have enough time, you can also watch an authentic Tokyo Sumo match. Here we can only cover a small portion among the many activities and experience suitable for children in Tokyo. Without any doubt, Tokyo is one of the best cities for family vacation with children in the world. If you need a special family travel itinerary, you can contact our travel consultants at any time. Our staff will provide a tailor-made itinerary for you to meet your requirements. We guarantee to provide the best family trip itineraries at the most affordable price.

Learn to Cook Japanese Cuisine
As the superior of Asian cuisine, the most attractive aspect of Japanese cuisine is its simple yet meticulous approach to the ingredients. Without much seasonings and spices, Japanese cuisine often preserves the authentic taste of the food.

Tokyo Sumo Wrestling Shows
The origin of Japan's national sumo wrestling can be traced back to more than 1,500 years, originally a movement dedicated to Shinto gods. Since then, the rules and rituals have gradually been developed and improved, and the sumo we now see is almost the same as from the Edo period.

The Animation of Tokyo
To many animation and manga lovers, traveling to Tokyo could be the best thing in the world.  A fashion center, Tokyo is on many manga fans' to-do list. Akihabara is not only a popular commercial district to the locals, but it also attracts countless of foreign travelers.

Tokyo Tea Ceremony Experience
The Japanese tea ceremony, also known as Sado or Chado, is one of the traditional Japanese cultural activities. The Japanese tea ceremony began in the 16th century and has not been shaken for hundreds of years. The beauty of a tea ceremony is the quietness, and it is plain and elegant.

Disneyland and DisneySea
Tokyo Disney Resort is located in Urayasu, Chia, Japan. Tokyo Disneyland was opened in 1983, as the first Disney theme park opened outside of the United States. It is modeled after Disneyland in California and Magic Kingdom in Florida. It was originally a single theme park, Tokyo Disneyland.

Tokyo Museums Guide
Tokyo, a city not only gorgeous for the cherry blossom and trendy fashion, is also captivating with its profound history, civilization, and art. Numerous museums and art galleries scattered throughout Tokyo city, bringing people close to their culture.

Kimono Rental
Wearing a traditional Japanese Kimono is an experience you don't want to miss in you Japan trip. Located in Tokyo city center near by Asakusa Senso Ji Temple, we provide a convenient Kimono rental service allowing you to explore the picturesque area in your elegant kimono.

Soba Noodle Making Class
Soba is one of the most representative Japanese dishes. Soba noodles have been popular since the Edo period and are still an important part of Tokyo's life today. There are still many customs and habits for eating buckwheat noodles.

Japanese Food Model Making
Tourists may often find that most of the Japanese restaurants have food models, which looked exactly like the real ones, displayed in front of the door. Compared with text menus, food models are more easily understood and visually evoking.


Tokyo Family Tours

As a reliable Tokyo Travel Agency, we provide affordable Japan tours and private car/chauffeur service for family with kids from overseas. Whether you are looking for a short family tour or a private transfer, you can easily find the most suitable one at an affordable price. Contact our representatives to book our Tokyo city tours and Tokyo private chauffeurs today.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the best places for kids to visit in Tokyo?
    We recommend Disney, Anime Museum, and Aquarium in Tokyo. If you want to explore Japanese culture in depth, you can also take calligraphy classes or make Japanese food.
  • Where can I buy anime products that kids love in Tokyo?
    Please read our website dedicated to Tokyo Anime, which specifies places where you can buy anime products. In addition, Tokyo also has some of the best anime museums in the world, which might be the favorite of many children.
  • Do you have any itinerary for family travel in Tokyo?
    We have itinerary specifically for family travel. However, to design a trip best for your family, you can tell us about the attractions you like to visit or any special requirement. We will try to come up with the most satisfactory itinerary for you.
  • Is Tokyo good for family travel with children?
    Yes, Tokyo is among the cities most suitable for children. Tokyo does not only have Tokyo Disneyland, a favorite spot of almost any kids, but also some of the best anime museums in the world and different aquariums. Moreover, there are many culture experiences such as calligraphy learning, soba noodle making, and cuisine lesson that allow children to learn about the Japanese tradition.
  • I have a family of 8 including kid, which car type should I choose for my family trip?
    If you have a family of 8 without many luggage, you can use the 10-seats Hiace Van. To get an accurate quote, please provide the details regarding your trip to our staff or refer to the information on our website.
  • Do your join-in group tours welcome children?
    Our tour itinerary mostly covers the famous attractions in Tokyo. If you want to add in some activities or attraction suitable for kids, you may arrive early or stay a little longer after the tour ends.
  • Is Tokyo good for kids and families?
    Yes. Tokyo is one of the world’s best destinations for family and kids travel. There are many attractions are very suitable for kids. Whether you’re traveling with young kids or teenagers, Tokyo has something for everybody.
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