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Tokyo to Daikoku Pier

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Tokyo to Daikoku Pier
Are you looking a pick-up or private chauffeur service at Daikoku Pier? Daikoku Pier Cruise Terminal is located in the Tsurumi Ward in Yokohama. It is 31Km from Tokyo to Daikoku Pier, about a 30 min drive. Because Daikoku Pier is an artificial island built across Minato Mirai 21, public transportation is not convenient. If you are booking a private transfer service, we recommend plan a day trip from Tokyo to Yokohama. Whether you would like to explore around Daikoku, there are a lot of attractions you can visit. A door to door car rental service with driver is undoubtedly the most convenient option. We provide different car types to meet your need: 7-seat mini van, 10-seat van, 14-seat van, and 20 seats coaster bus.

Daikoku Private Chauffeur/Pick-up Service
Our company provides safe and affordable private chauffeur service for foreign visitors from cruise ships. Some of your private drivers can speak basic English, and will escort you to Natita Airport from Daikoku Pier. Whether you nees a pick-up service at Narita Airport or a private transfer service from Daikoku Pier,  we can offer the best service at an affordable price. For more information, please contact our Japan limousine service specialists.

The address of Daikoku Pier is Daikoku-futo, Tsurumi Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa 230-0054.  Daikoku Pier was constructed in 1971 in response to the increased cargo, and it is the first artificial island in Yokohama. There are a total of 25 berths in the Daikouku Pier, including container terminals, conventional liner terminals, and multi-purpose terminals. The space for container terminal stretches to 1km. In recent years, some of the berths have been converted to meet the increasing demand for handing vehicles and large machinery. Additionally, Daikoku Pier has developed strong logistics functions such that Yokohama port is recognized as the most important international trading port with the most sophisticated distribution facility. National Road 357 at the Yokohama Bay Bridge section (between Honmoku Pier and Daikoku Pier) was completed in 2004. After the construction of the expressway in Daikoku, the transportation between Yokohama port and the economical center has become more convenient. As a result, many expect Daikoku Pier, a export center in the capital area, to play a pivotal role in promoting the economic development of Yokohama port.

Yokohama port is located in East Asia. Because of its location connecting many international cruises between Asia and North America, it often serves as the departure and arrival port for many cruise lines. Since April 2019, some cruises disembark at Daikoku Pier, including Diamond Princess, Piano Land, Spectrum of the seeds, Queen Elizabeth, MSC Bellissima, Costa Serena, Sapphire Princess, Costa Venice, Celebrity Eclipse, and Costa Firenze. (The port of disembarkation might change due to weather, availability, or other unforeseen factors. Please consult your cruise line for the most accurate information).

As mentioned, Daikoku Pier is an artificial island built across Minato Mirai 21, and public transportation is not convenient. Therefore, we recommend booking a private transfer service with Japan Holiday if you are disembarking at Dikoku Pier. After our driver pick you up, you can also visit attractions in Yokohama or Tokyo along the way. Similarly, if you plan to travel from Narita Airport, Haneda Airport, or hotels in Tokyo to Daikoku Pier, you can also book our private transfer service with a day trip. With our transfer service, you don't have to worry about carrying large luggage around or figuring out public transportation. For more details, please visit: Tokyo Chauffeur Service.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the address for Daikoku Pier for car navigation?
    Car Navigation destination address: 13 Daikoku‐futo, Tsurumi Ward, Yokohama.
  • Is Daikoku Pier part of Yokohama Port?
    Yes, Yokohama Port consists of a total of 8 piers, including Honmoku Pier, Minami Honmoku Pier, and Daikoku Pier etc.
  • How to use public transportation to get from Tokyo to Daikoku Pier?
    From Tokyo to Daikoku Pier Cruise Terminal is about 31 Km, a 30 min drive. Because Daikoku Pier is an artificial island built across Minato Mirai 21, public transportation is not convenient. Thus, we recommend using our private transfer service.
  • Are Daikoku Pier and Osanbashi Pier the same?
    The two piers are close to each other, but they are two different piers. Most international cruises disembark at Osanbashi Pier. However, some other cruise, such as Diamond Princess, Sapphire Princess, Queen Elizabeth, Costa Serena, Costa Venice, Costa Firenze, and Celebrity Eclipse disembark at Dakoku pier instead.
  • Is Daikoku Pier a good spot for taking picture of the firework at Yokohama Port?
    Yes, during the Kanagawa Shimbun Fireworks Festival, Daikoku Pier is a great place to take picture of the fire work because you can avoid the crowd and use the landmark Minato Mirai 21 as your background.
  • What attractions to explore near Daikoku Pier?
    West of Daikoku Pier across the island are Chinatown, Hikawa-maru, Yokohama Akarenga, Yokohama Cosmo World, Yokohama Anpanman Children's Museum, Yokohama Municipal Nogeyama Zoo, and more. Whether you are traveling with friends or family, you will find many entertainments or shopping areas that fit your need.
  • Do you provide private transfer service from Daikoku Pier to hotels in Tokyo?
    Yes, we provide transfer service with different car types to meet your need: 7-seats van, 10-seats van, 14-seats van, and 20 seats coaster bus. If you reserve in advance, we can arrange a driver who speaks simple English.
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