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From Tokyo to Osaka

Shinkansen Bullet Train 474
From Tokyo to Osaka
If you are traveling from Tokyo to Osaka with shinkansen (bullet train), you would choose the Tokaido Shinkansen. This shinkansen was first started in 1964. As technology advances, the speed has been increased from 210 Km/hr to 285 Km/hr. It is operated by Central Japan Railway Company, also known as JR Central. Because Tokaido Shinkansen stops by many major cities, including Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto, it is the best used among other shinkansen lines. Thus, it has the most departure time, about once in every ten minutes.

There are three train categories on this line: Nozomi, Hikari, and Kodama. The fastest among the three, Nozomi only stops at major cities like Shinagawa, Shin-Yokohama, Nagoya, Kyoto, and the whole trip only takes about 2.5 hours. Hikari makes additional stops, including Atami, Maibara, and more. Hikari needs about 3 hours to complete the trip. The slowest line, Kodama stops at all the stations including Shin-Fuji, and Kakegawa. Because Kodama is a popular train type taken by many workers, all the seats are non-reserved on weekdays during peak hours.

All these three types of train offer Ordinary Seat and Green Car Seat. With more space and adjustment functions, Green Car Seats are usually more comfortable and pricey. For Ordinary Seat, you can also choose non-reserved and reserved seat, which is a little more expensive. Green Car Seats are all reserved seats, and they are the highest class offered by the above three categories. The starting price from Tokyo to Shin-Osaka is 13620 yen. Also note that JR Pass is not valid for Nozomi.

If you have other questions, please feel free to contact our Shinkansen ticketing specialists and advise your specific request as follows:

A/ Number of travelers
Adult (12 years old and above), Child (6~11 years old)
B/ Date and Time of taking the train
We will arrange the train departs closest to your selected time. If you have any specific train that you wish to take, please leave a message.
C/ Departure station
What is your departure station?  If you are not sure, please tell us your departure city and we can help you to choose.
D/ Destination station
What is your destination station?  If you are not sure, please tell us your destination city and we can help you to choose.
E/ Type of Seat
Reserved Seats: Guaranteed assigned seat with seat number in regular cabin
Unreserved Seats: Seats are not assigned, and choose any available seat in designated area upon boarding
Green Reserved: Spacious assigned seat with seat number in the high class cabin. 

Get Your Bullet Train Ticket:
A We can email to your hotel or residential address in Japan
B Pick up in our Tokyo Office
C Mail to address outside of Japan.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many hours before the departure time should I arrive at the station?
    Most Shinkansen trains depart on time. Arriving at the platform 5 minutes before the departure time should be okay.

    However, note that stations, where Shinkansen stops are stopped, are quite complicated to navigate with many platforms if it's your first time visiting. We recommend arriving at the station at least 30 minutes before your departure time.

    Usually, you can board your train 5 to 10 minutes before your departure time.
  • I missed my train, what should I do?
    If you missed your train, your ticket can still be used for unreserved seats (in an unreserved cabin) of later trains on the same day without reissuing the ticket or visiting a ticket counter. Please ask the station staff if you have any questions.
  • Am I able to change my seat after receiving the tickets?
    In most cases, yes you can. Please visit the ticket desk at the JR station to change your seat assignment. However, you may not be able to change your seats depending on your schedule. Trains depart in the morning and evening, and during peak seasons it is most often fully booked in advance.
  • There are more than 2 people in my party, can I get seats next to each other?
    If you are in a party of more than 2, your seats will be assigned together, so you do not need to ask us to request for seats next to each other. We will inform you separately in case we cannot arrange for your seats to be together. If you have more than 4 people in your party, we recommend you purchase your tickets 30 days in advance so we can arrange your seats together.
  • Can I eat on the Shinkansen? Is there a meal service?
    Yes, you can both eat and drink in the Shinkansen. Shinkansen tickets do not include meal services. There are onboard sales in the Shinkansen, but the selection is very limited.

    It is recommended that you buy food and drinks at the departure station beforehand, where there is a larger selection of bento boxes and other food and drinks.
  • Where does the Shinkansen go?
    The nine Shinkansen lines all go in different directions around Japan. From Tokyo to south of the Tokaido Shinkansen line, connects the capital with Osaka. The Sanyo Shinkansen line connects Osaka with Fukuoka and the Kyushu Shinkansen line runs north to south through the island of Kyushu.
  • What station is Shinkansen in Tokyo?
    The two Shinkansen terminals in Tokyo are at "Tokyo" and "Shinagawa" stations. There are no Shinkansen terminals at the Shinjuku station. Tokyo station is the main Shinkansen terminal and connects to Tokaido (Kyoto and Osaka), Tohoku (Shin-Aomori), Joetsu (Niigata), and Hokuriku Shinkansen bullet train lines.
  • Where do I take the Hikari Shinkansen in Tokyo?
    Getting from Tokyo to Kyoto with the Japan Rail Pass is not difficult. From either the Tokyo station or Shinagawa station in central Tokyo, you can take the Shinkansen Hikari bullet train. You will arrive at the Kyoto station. Three trains run on the Tokaido Shinkansen line: Nozomi, Hikari, and Kodama.
  • How long is the ride from Osaka to Tokyo on the Shinkansen?
    The trip from Osaka to Tokyo on the Shinkansen typically takes 2.5 to 3 hours long, depending on which category of the train you choose. The fastest option is the Nozomi, which will have you in the capital city in around 2 hours and 30 minutes.
  • Is bento available for purchase on the Shinkansen?
    The ekiben is a bento, Japanese lunch box that can be bought at the Shinkansen station. It is available for purchase in shops at the terminal or even on the platform.
  • Are there baggage spaces on Shinkansen trains?
    Most of Shinkansen trains do not have designated baggage spaces, and some of JR Trains and Airport Express Trains have a designated space for putting your luggage.
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