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Japanese Sex Dolls

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Japanese Sex Dolls

Sex dolls have been the object of affections for some people around Japan in recent years, and as their appearances look more and more like humans, they’ve been not only used as sex partners, but also life partners in Japan. The anonymity of buying a sex doll helped boost online business, according to survey data, most buyers are single men and about 70 percent of them are over the age of 45, the online shopping became one of the easiest ways to find a love doll that fulfills their desires. Most owners believed that each of love dolls have souls like humans, and is unacceptable to throw them out like trash, so some shrines offer funeral service helps their silicone or TPE lovers rest in peace. Most of the owners now treat their silicone lover like a human being, taking them on days out by a wheelchair. There is a Love Doll Museum Located in Saitama, the owner only displays his collection of Japanese love dolls a few times a year.

Why Are Love Dolls So Popular in Japan
Japanese sex dolls are unique in the world, and they become more popular with their beautiful looking and virtues every year. Most Japanese sex dolls have large eyes and stunning bodies, for those who love Japanese cartoon characters, it is very attractive. They are made from high-quality materials which can keep their beautiful appearance for years. They are petite and shy, and offer a realistic feel and enjoyment. There is no doubt that Japanese sex dolls have proven to be a great bed or life partners for many single men, include those who want to experience erotic happiness outside Japan. Most Japanese love dolls are customizable, the color of their hair, breast types, body skin tone and the size of their boobs are all can be tailor-made.
Where Can I Buy a Japanese Sex Doll?
Are you ready to experience a mazing time with an exotic Japanese sex doll? There are many ways to buy Japanese sex dolls, the best place to check is through online retailers. Secondly, if you have an opportunity to visit sex shops in Japan, most shops have Japanese love dolls for sale. There are plenty of sex shops in major red-light districts, such as Kabukichou in Shinjuku.

Started the sex doll business in 2015, it is a well-known online retailer of life-sized love doll. There are plenty of carefully selected Japanese sex dolls on their website. ​​​Not only provide fixed sex dolls, but also offer tailor-made service, even they can customize your selection ​to fit your preferences. They have been featured as a reliable retailer on the American love doll forum since 2018.
Orient Industries
It is the oldest manufacturers of silicone sex dolls in Japan, and have been creating love dolls since 1978. Their products are almost the highest quality in this market, and each product takes nearly a month to complete. The process includes casting, painting, and other complicated crafts. This factory produces only around 40 high level hand-made love dolls per month, and of course, the most expensive in the market. The showroom is located in Tokyo's Ueno, and just next to the Ameya Yokocho street.

Love Doll  
​​​​Love Doll is another reliable sex doll online retailer. There are over 1000 Japanese and other Asian women dolls to choose from their website. The website comes with a great search system where you're sure to find the one you like the most. The dolls they provide are not only of good quality, but also nearly cheapest in the market. They have branches in Japan, USA, China and Poland, and offer lots of care in the delivery process,  

Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you help buy Japanese sex dolls?
    Yes, we do. But there are plenty of real doll online retailers now, they offer free worldwide shipping &delivery services, and even help you clear import duty in advance.
  • How much is a Japanese sex doll?
    Japanese sex dolls are almost the best ones in the world, a realistic Japanese sex doll provides a realistic feel. The price depends on the materials used and the level of craftsmanship, with prices ranging from $1000 to $ 5,000, The most expensive ones can reach 10000 U.S. dollars.
  • What materials are Japanese dolls made from?
    Most Japanese real sex doll are made from medical-grade TPE (elastomer thermoplastic) and silicone materials, and TPE is much softer than silicone. But silicone is very strong, and maintain its original shape under big pressure. Generally speaking, TPE adult dolls are much cheaper than silicone harmony dolls.
  • Are there Japanese manga anime sex robots in Japan?
    There are plenty of life-size sex robots designed based on cartoon characters in Japan, some shops also offer the hottest mini anime fuckable dolls. If you are a Japanese anime or Catoon lover, they will allow you to realize the special hentai fantasy.
  • Are there Geisha real dolls in Japan?
    Some companies have Geisha sex doll products in Japan, but the quantity is not very large. Some buyers search for something they can't get very easy, the easiest ways is to find a Geisha adult doll that fulfills your exotic desires.
  • Where can I buy the cheapest and best Asian sex dolls?
    Asian real sex dolls have been around for several years, not only Asians like it, but now more and more Westerners are also fond of Asian adult dolls. if you want a Chinese or Japanese sex doll which is life sized, realistic, and oriental, please shopping online, such as Amazon, Lovedollparadise, or other online retailers.
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