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Lake Biwa Tour

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Lake Biwa Tour

Are you looking for a car tour or a transfer service to/from Lake Biwa? As a reliable limo and tour company, we offer the private car tours to Lake Biwa for international travelers with budget rates. The Lake Biwa car tour offers a wonderful opportunity to explore the largest freshwater lake in Japan, located in the Shiga Prefecture, just northeast of the former capital city of Kyoto, Lake Biwa spans an area of about 670 square kilometers and has a depth of approximately 104 meters at its deepest point.

Lake Biwa, known as 'Biwako' in Japanese, holds significant environmental, historical, and cultural importance. It is estimated to be 4 million years old, making it one of the oldest lakes in the world. This ancient lake is home to more than 1,000 different species, many of which are endemic to the lake. From a cultural perspective, Lake Biwa has been a source of inspiration for many Japanese poets, artists, and writers for centuries. It features in many historical scrolls, tales, and songs, including the famous "Biwako Shuko no Uta", or Lake Biwa Rowing Song.

Lake Biwa Tour

Here are some of the top things to do:
Water Sports: Engage in various water sports such as swimming, sailing, fishing, and jet-skiing. Cycling: Ride around the lake on the Biwaichi cycling route, a 200-kilometer path that circles the entire lake.

Boat Cruise: Take a leisurely boat cruise on the lake and enjoy the breathtaking views.
Visit Shrines and Castles: Explore historic sites such as Hikone Castle, a national treasure, and the Shirahige Shrine, known for its iconic torii gate in the water.

Wildlife Observation: Birdwatching is popular around the lake, especially at the northern end, which is a stopover for migratory birds.

Hikone Castle: Start your tour by visiting Hikone Castle, located near the northeastern shore of Lake Biwa. This well-preserved castle is designated as a National Treasure of Japan and provides a glimpse into the country's feudal history. Explore the castle grounds, enjoy the beautiful gardens, and learn about the samurai culture.

Chikubushima Island: Take a boat ride from Hikone or Nagahama to Chikubushima Island, one of the four sacred islands on Lake Biwa. The island is known for its ancient Shinto shrine, Chikubushima Shrine, which dates back over 1,400 years. Enjoy a serene walk around the island, admire the scenic views, and learn about the island's spiritual significance.

Lake Biwa Tour

Hikiyama Festival.
Lake Biwa Museum: Head to the southern shore of Lake Biwa and visit the Lake Biwa Museum in Kusatsu. This museum provides an in-depth exploration of the lake's ecosystem, featuring interactive exhibits, aquariums with various aquatic species, and displays on the cultural and historical significance of Lake Biwa.

Shirahige Shrine: Conclude your Lake Biwa tour with a visit to Shirahige Shrine, located near Otsu City. This picturesque Shinto shrine is known for its iconic torii gate standing in the water, offering a beautiful photo opportunity. Enjoy the serene atmosphere and take a leisurely stroll along the lakeside.

Lake Biwa Car Service

As a reliable limo and tour company, we offer the private car tours to Lake Biwa for international travelers with budget rates. The private chauffeur and car service ensures a comfortable travel experience, allowing you to indulge in high-quality service and comfort throughout your journey.

We will provide you a convenient and personalized travel experience, making your visit to Lake Biwa even more special and unforgettable. we have 6-seater Alphard minivans, 9-seater Hiace vans, and 19-seater Coaster minibuses for your day trip. Remember to check for any specific travel restrictions or guidelines, as well as the operating hours and accessibility of the attractions mentioned. Enjoy your Lake Biwa car tour and the scenic beauty of Japan's largest lake!

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