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Japan Tours from the UK

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Japan Tours from the UK

Are you looking for a tour to Japan from the UK? English passport holders can visit Japan without a visa. The number of English visitors to Japan has been increasing. Especially in 2018, the number of visitors reached 333400, and England ranked the 13th country with the most visitors to Japan. London constantly has direct flight to Japan, and the flight duration is about 12 hours. The Heathrow Airport has direct flight to Tokyo Narita Airport, Tokyo Haneda Airport, and Osaka Kansai Airport.

Japan Small Group Tours from the UK

As a reliable Japan Travel Agency, we provide guided group tours and private tours for international travelers from the UK. Our Japan small group tours include the most classical Japan trips visiting numerous must-see attractions. Whether you are looking for a short Mt. Fuji day trip or a chauffeured limousine in Tokyo, you can easily find the most suitable tour at an affordable price. Contact our representatives to book our Japan small group tours from the United Kingdom today.


Tour to Japan from Britain

If you don not mind connecting in other European cities, you may find cheaper deals.There are plenty of flights to Japan that you can choose not only the airlines, but also the departure schedule. The cheapest flight from the UK to Japan is during November and December. April and May, however, is the most costly due to the cherry blossom season. 

London Heathrow International Airport, (IATA: LHR; ICAO: EGLL). The airport is operated by the British Airport Management Company (BAA) and is the hub airport of British Airways and Virgin Atlantic. As the major auxiliary airport in London and one of the busiest airports in the UK and around the world, it ranks third among many airports worldwide.

Tour to Japan from London
Looking for an affordable tour from London to Japan? London is the capital of the United Kingdom and the largest city in Europe. London is the world's largest financial center. London is located on the plains of southeast England, across the Thames. With the rapid rise of the British Empire in the 16th century, London also developed rapidly.

Tour to Japan from Liverpool
It is very convient to tour to Japan from Liverpool, a port city in the northwest of England, is one of the eight core cities in England. The capital of Merseyside, Liverpool is one of the 5 municipalities on the Merseyside Metropolitan County.

Manchester to Japan
Manchester, the second busiest city in the UK, was the world's first industrialized city. It is a metropolitan municipality in the area of Greater Manchester in the northwest of England.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • For car rental services, are the prices listed online in Euro?
    The listed prices are in USD, not Euro. You may convert the price to Euro accordingly.
  • Can you help me to get a cheap flight from London to Japan?
    We can help you to hunt for a cheap flight. Please contact our representative for assistance on flight booking.
  • What is the cheapest way to fly from Birmingham to Japan?
    You can check the price for direct flight from London to Japan. For cheaper options, you can consider connecting in other European cities, which usually have plenty of availability.
  • How is the Whisky in Japan?
    Japanese Whisky is introduced from Scotland, thus each type of Japanese whisky is derived from a Scottish antecedent. Unlike Scottish Whisky, Japanese whiskeys blend in a softer taste.
  • Is there any direct flight to Japan from Liverpool?
    Direct flight to Japan is not available in Liverpool, only in London. To get the best airfare deals, you can shop for flights connecting in other European cities.
  • Do you have a partner travel agency in Manchester?
    We currently do not have any partner travel agency in Manchester. However, if you are interested in traveling to Japan, you can reserve our tour online. To avoid any inconvenience induced by time difference, please contact our US representatives. Contact information can be found online.
  • I am from Glasgow Scotland. How do I join the Japan tours?
    You can book our tours online. If you need help on purchasing air tickets, please contact our representatives. For clients from Europe, we recommend contacting our US office, to avoid any delay on communication due to time difference.
  • How long in advance should I place my order of the small group tour?
    We generally close the reservation 10 days before the departure dates. But it will be very busy during the peak season in Japan. We suggest you place order as soon as you have final travel plan.
  • Want a 6 days small group tour from UK to Japan.
    Thank you for contacting our travel agency. From your inquiry we notice that you are interested in small group tours. Here, it is the fix departure dates of small group tour by the end of 2022. Agu 26, Sep 2,9,26,23,30, Oct 7, 14, 21,28. Nov 4,11,18,25. Dec 23
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