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Chinese-Speaking Drivers in Japan

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Chinese-Speaking Drivers in Japan

In Japan, it may be challenging to find Chinese-speaking drivers, as most taxi drivers and transportation services primarily cater to Japanese-speaking customers. However, with the increasing number of Chinese tourists visiting Japan, as a reliable limo company in Japan, we have started offering services with Chinese-speaking drivers in Japan to cater to this growing demand since 2018. 

We have set up a professional Chinese-speaking department, all of which are Chinese-speaking services.
Our carefully selected Mandarin-speaking drivers have many years of living experience in Japan. Not only can she speak Mandarin, but also proficient in Japanese. These drivers are from mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other places, and provide professional chauffeur and car service in Japan for Chinese-speaking travelers from all over the world.
We specialize in providing services for Chinese tourists in Japan and offer private tours or transportation services with Chinese-speaking drivers. You can search online or consult with travel agencies that specialize in trips to Japan for Chinese travelers.
We also offer join group tour in Japan for Chinese-speaking international travelers-日本跟團旅遊. The tour will offer you the Chinese-speaking drivers and local guide, and the itinerary covers major Japanese cities and sights, as well as a chance to taste different Japanese cuisines.
In 2022, we also established a professional website of Chinese-speaking driver and car service You can place orders and book Chinese-speaking drivers and car services directly on this website. All service representatives are in Chinese and share the booking and payment platform with our English website. Welcome to visit the Chinese website 日本包車

Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I book a Chinese-speaking driver here?
    Yes, but all the customer service representatives here are English-speaking, it is recommended to visit our Chinese website
  • Are the prices on your Chinese and English websites the same?
    Yes, the same.
  • Can I book a chartered car here? 日本包車
    Yes, we will transfer the order to the Chinese service department, and they will reply with the price according to your request about 日本包車.
  • Can Chinese-speaking drivers in Japan provide tour guide services?
    They can, but need to pay extra for the tour guide service and parking fee as the drivers will leave the car and lead you into the attractions.
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